Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Knock Knock Knocking

You never know who will come knocking next. This fellow visits every day.

Many RV parks likes this one are built in flood zones. This makes sense in a way. During a flood, the campers can drive away, where as houses in a flood zone are doomed.

The park I am camped in now boasts of their past high water marks that would have put my motorhome under water for sure. They put the signs up at the level the water reached! For these reasons, I like to buy gas before I set up camp and I keep the water tank full. If there is an emergency, at least I have gas for driving, gas for the generator and of course water for living.

It's a start...

I take Harley for a walk, then we rest on this whimsical swing by the river. This camp has several swings for the campers to enjoy.

Today we found an off leash doggy park in biking distant! Harley was thrilled to run wild though no other dogs were at the park. I forgot to take pictures, but he ran after his golf ball playing, then dug around in the sand, rolled in the grass and did a perimeter check of the fence. Such a lovely dog park and not a doggy around.

It was so hot he drank about half my water bottle, so we pedaled on back to the coach to cool off and tank up again.

The bike ride there is easy enough without traffic except the last 100 yards is down a highway of sorts, but traffic let me through without running me down.

Thank goodness for small favors!

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