Monday, July 06, 2015

Survived The Fourth

May the fourth be with you...

The campground had a spectacular fireworks display. My doggy was terrified, so he chose to huddle under my feather pillows until it was all gone. I managed to sneak outside to enjoy the spectacular (though noisy!) show of exploding colors.

Earlier in the day I rode my bicycle to the Dollar General so I could use my $5 coupon for food, then I pedaled on over to the farmers market where I filled up spare room in my bicycle baskets with local produce. One of the fresh foods was butter beans. Oh my goodness gracious. I've never had fresh off the farm butter beans before. These were a brilliant green color. The simmered in the crockpot quite nicely. Super delicious!

Lately we've been calling my bicycle the "cargo carrier" because without the doggy riding, it can carry an amazing amount of cargo. Of course *huff puff* this means *huffing puffing* that I have to *heavy breathing* pedal with this *huff puff* extra weight.

But luckily, I do have the electric option to help me speed through intersections and hopefully avoid collisions. I've had a few close calls, folks that just aren't looking where they are going. A car was rapidly approaching an intersection I was crossing legally and he wasn't looking at all, just heavy on the accelerator, glancing to his right, like the red light in front of him meant nothing. I tried to ding my little brass bell repeatedly and I think I yelled something like "AHGGGGGGGG!!!" when it looked like he was going to run me down. He slammed on brakes and scowled at me. I was muttering not-so-nice things under my breath. If he could read lips, then I gave him an earful.

Today we pedaled to the post office then the Piggly Wiggly grocery store. When I came out to load up my bicycle, this sweet little old lady waiting in her car said "That sure looks like fun!" as I rode past her.

There is a certain satisfaction to being near a small town, close enough to pedal around running errands. It's a shame more folks don't get out on bicycles. Honestly, if you are hesitating about getting on a bicycle because you doubt your athletic skills, get the handy electric bike kit. I am having so much fun with mine. If anything, it gives me confidence to run about, leg brace and all, pedaling around town, yet pushing the magic button when needed. What fun!


Behind my campsite is this eerie swamp. Harley took himself swimming while I was fiddling with the camera. Later I noticed he is in the picture on the right side. His legs were covered in green bits of flora when he got out. I guess a hot dog has to cool down. 


  1. I don't think I've ever had fresh butter beans. Have had dried butter beans with left over ham. Yummy! Where's the picture of the beans? Glad to see Harley (the man ) back on camera. Be it ever so small. Stay safe out there. Martha p

  2. Lima beans are more than related to butter beans...They are the
    same thing! Green monster from the swamp...AKA...Harley Dog...

  3. I bought a bike in March and I have to admit I have not ridden it very much. I liked the idea, but I'm afraid of traffic.


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