Monday, July 27, 2015

Roll With The PunchesIn my case

I woke up alive, living to the thrill of the latest misadventures.

Life is what happens when you plan one thing and another event inserts itself when you least expect it.

Multiply that times twenty and well you get the picture, I am very confused and exhausted.

A simple pine cone and pine needles.

Nature is awesome.

Speaking of awesome... without me it would just be aweso...

I was getting ready to prop up my injured leg when Harley dog decided to anchor me down in his cutest pose. Life is goof.

More later.

More or less.

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  1. Maybe it's just me but you sound down in the dumps. Hang in there. Things change when we least expect . At its worst life really is good. Look who loves you so much he doesn't want you to get up. Thinking of you and Harley. Stay safe! Martha Petru


Life is goof!