Friday, July 10, 2015

Shopping For A New Used RV

I have been shopping around for a new used motorhome. Oh what a chore that has turned out to be.

This first one seemed plenty big for my fulltime lifestyle.  I liked the unique lines to it. However, the tires are dry rotted. Buying 14 new tires is a bit daunting, so I guess it's no longer a runner up as a possibility.

The next one proved to be super efficient on fuel consumption. I could surely go to Alaska and back every summer. However the attached RV seemed only  big enough for Harley Dog and all his accouterments. While he loved the idea, I would need to learn tent living and reduce my wardrobe to one outfit.

This shiny red one really appealed to me. Red is my favorite color but I was hoping for much larger windows so maybe I should keep looking.

This rig requires no new tires. It could use a bath and a wax job. There is only one slight problem, it's not approved for road use yet and the engine is problematic. Apparently it has to be super loud to hover, so being deaf is a huge plus. I found the inside a bit too cramped for my style.

I kind of liked the fun lines to this unique rig. But then again, upon closer inspection I realized it's a whimsically painted honey wagon named the "Stool Bus".  Oops, maybe I need new eyeglasses before I shop around. 

This one below was nearly new but being sold at an amazing bargain... until I read the fine print "as is where is". Apparently the cost of moving it and making it mobile again is prohibitive in spite of the bargain basement pricing. I've heard rumors the owners are blaming their GPS for a wrong turn.

I liked the aerodynamic lines to this sleek rig but honestly I need a lot more windows and natural daylight inside. I want to see my world, not hide from it. 

This one was a strong contingent until I realized I couldn't reach the bicycle rack.

 Oh how I love the art deco look of this unique rig and the portholes too. It even comes with a nice cockpit on top. Harley dog didn't like the high windows, he needs to be able to see outside when he is inside so we passed on it. Also one wonders... how do you check the air in the rear tires?

Windows! Sunshine! This seemed right up my alley but the furnishings seemed more like cheap waiting room era.

More advertised bargains with slight water damage. Perhaps more work involved than I feel up to at this point. Remember, if the campground manager tells you to leave because of possible flooding, perhaps you should heed their advice. 

This one is certainly economical on fuel. It's not a fifth wheel, it's a five wheelie. The baby poop color just didn't appeal to me though.

I thought about switching to a houseboat, but the only one I could afford had a dicey ladder to the upper deck.

This RV has plenty of windows for my style, but the head room is a problem.

This one has a nice homey feel to it, but parts for the engine are hard to come by. 

I like going retro with this efficient rig but Harley dog owns too much stuff to fit it all inside.

This one was advertised with plenty of windows, but here again, it was being sold "as is, where is" and refrigerators don't like to operate at a slant. 

This RV boasted fabulous views... if you don't mind a heart pounding climb to reach it. I am not sure I would feel comfortable up there on a windy day either. 

Well, I guess when the day is done, I am keeping my little old 21 year old rig... for now. 

It has 14 windows and as of yesterday, one new tire due to a sidewall blowout. More on that story later.



  1. Love your blog. We love our current rig in spite of is downsides.

  2. Thank you for your support! I love my little old rig too. It feels like home to me.

  3. Love your blog. I followed you from the early days when I lived in the Bahamas. And then by accident I met you in Tortola, just as you were out of hospital and moving to the U.S. I read your book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" and laughed at every chapter. It's difficult to believe those things happen unless you have lived that life. You are an inspiration of strength and courage, especially your love of life. And Harley was sent to you, your faithful companion who is a gypsy at heart also. We have lived in two countries since BVI and are on to our third in Asia next week. No money but what memories, they just can't be replaced. Happy motoring Miss Mermaid. I hope some day we meet again. I think I will read your book again!!!

  4. Who doesn't love traveling across the country in a decked out or retro fit RV? Growing up as the recipient of a camper who slept in my grandparent’s camper, I love RV's. My husband and I just bought one and are excited to get out this summer, take it for its maiden voyage, and spend countless nights at KOA's.


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