Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Light Of My Life

I replaced most of my existing RV light fixtures with LED bayonet bulbs without changing the fixture out. None of mine flicker and my rig is 21 years old, so the fixtures are probably that old too.

Recently I discovered a 400 lumens LED light bulb that is AWESOME. I bought one to test it out and it is currently in my outside porch light. This thing lights up the entire awning/patio area bright enough to read by at night. I find this amazing since I also replaced my outside lens cover with an amber cover in hopes of keeping the bugs away. That 400 lumens LED shines brightly.

I bought mine here:

The housing swivels, you need 2 hunks of rubber grips (I have 2 for opening jars). You grasp the top and bottom of the light then gently twist to aim the lighting where you want it, so I was able to angle my outdoor light more downwards.

I am planning to get 2 more, 1 for the overhead kitchen and the other for the overhead bathroom light. I use a nightlight in the bathroom for 4am visits, but am looking forward to bright light over the mirror for the scare factor (checking moles and pores.)

On another note, I have one of those seriously anemic range hood lights that is absolutely useless. Like many RVers, I have a shortage of outlets in the kitchen for adding traditional under cabinet lighting.

I recently bought this 72 super bright LED light fixture that is fed by 4 AA batteries.

It came with 3 strong magnets on the back. I stuck that up right to the underside of the range hood and was delighted at the incredible effect. I may add a 2nd strip just to have super duper bright light because I enjoy cooking and the inevitable cleaning that goes with it.

On a handy note, I can grab it and move it around if I am repairing something in the middle of the night that needs super bright light.

I guess I am a light-a-holic and I enjoy spending time outdoors too plus I do many projects and sometimes have to walk the doggy after dark. I bought this 30 LED table lamp (D batteries) a few years ago and this thing is awesome.

It's great for reading, sewing, hiking after dark and so on. I replace the batteries about once a year. The lamp head rotates up and down plus the hand grip is nice and comfy. I've bought this as a gift several times with glowing reviews from the recipients.

Lastly, after tons of research, I bought this Coleman LED spotlight.

If you hear ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night, this bright spotlight will scare them half to death. It seems to shine a few hundred yards, runs on D batteries and is awesome. The handle folds up neatly for storage. I keep mine in an interior cabinet right by the front door of the RV, so I can find it in the dark to light up whatever is making a ruckus at 3am. I've had it well over a year now, used it pretty often and not changed the batteries yet.


  1. get a tactical laser scope. 4 legged animals probably will not know what they are, but 2 legged ones sure will. good to see you have seen the light.

    sherbet. raz

  2. As my eyes and vision are worse in dim light, I guess it's about time I try the LED version.


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