Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pot Garden

It's a beautiful day in paradise. I haven't been able to sit and type much because I slipped on mold on the patio and busted my tailbone.

It only hurts when I stand, sit, or walk. Other than that I feel fine. 

I've since learned more than I care to know about outdoor mold.Once this mess is cleaned up, I shall endeavor to prevent mold in the future.

My little pot garden is thriving. It makes me super happy to see this as I started with a bunch of dead plants that were either killed by hurricane Irma or the record breaking  freeze we had last winter in this part of Florida.

Many people threw out their dead plants and I scooped up the pots out of the dumpster. Some came with dirt and some didn't. I cut back the dead plants and at some point began watering the dirt to make it moist in case I found a clipping or something to stick in the pot.

Well eternal optimism and saying nice things to these dead empty pots and suddenly green things started shooting up. A few people gave me plants and I nurtured them thrilled to have something live to grow. I ate an avocado, sprouted the pit in water then planted it in a pot. Now I have a 3 foot avocado tree. Some pots are sporting several different plants and flowers pop up now and then.

So it's good to know I have a green thumb to grow plants... and a green rump to grow mold.

Life is goof.

And a pic of mold growing...

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Icky Licky Sticky

My broken tailbone has made it hard for me to sit and type.

The past week I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about slippery slimy mold and how to get rid of it.

Even after a ton of hard scrubbing with bleach and mop and help from a beloved angel (a neighbor who was visiting when I slipped and fell) the mold is coming back. It keeps resurfacing in some areas.


The day after scrubbing... look how much came back to haunt the efforts. Some places are nearly white, others are surfacing with new icky stuff.

Life is goof.

I woke up alive and it was a beautiful gorgeous day on planet earth.

Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hurricane Dance

Oh my!

I am sending happy positive thoughts that all of these miss me completely. The last two years I have played "Dodge ball with  hurricanes" moving erratically in my motorhome to miss them.

This year, no motorhome, no car, just a bicycle and a stationary RV 5th wheel trailer. So I may not be running at all.  Just pray. smile and hunker down if it comes to that.

Life is goof.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mixed Bag

Hurricanes are busy.

When I bought the fifth wheel and sold the motorhome, I forgot about not having anything to drive  with a motor. I was so used to driving the motorhome when I needed motorized transport (beyond my bicycle reach) that well, I forgot I might need vehicular transportation at some point.


Then I injured  my broken tailbone again when I slipped on the moldy concrete. . Grrrrr... if you hear a SCREAM it's just me being very frustrated. So much to do and this dadgum tail of mine is in a world of hurt.

I've now learned more than I ever want to know about Florida rains, mold and concrete. I also learned I can't fly or levitate.

Life is goof.

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Friday, September 07, 2018


I guess I can't fly.

But I tried!

I was working outside on the concrete and moving stuff. I was barefoot and walking carefully when suddenly my feet went out from under me. I just levitated in the air like I was suddenly riding prone on a magic carpet ride.


Reality slammed me hard.

I was prone on the concrete.

Luckily I had company at the time. They were sitting in a chair outside when they had to take a phone call.

I thought while they are talking, I will grab this and that and put it away.


They came running and the  neighbor next door came running.

I was just laying there wondering why I wasn't flying on my magic carpet ride anymore.


There was mold on the concrete. We had rains earlier, well rains nearly every day.

Life is goof.

I can't fly.

But I tried!

Tired Retread

Many folks in their RV's are retired and order up custom license plates.

I am not retired, so my tag for my wheel estate will be:


And more funny stuff can be found in silly signs at Amazon.

(But I hope not!)

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Voice Mail

Your awesome comments and questions have given me loads of info to write about in the future.

In the meantime I finally figured out how to put my voice mail message on my newfangled phone.

If you call and miss me you get my message;

I'm out walking my donkey. When I get my ass back here, I will return your call. 

 Life is goof!

 Halloween is just around the corner


Monday, September 03, 2018

Paws For the Cause

TOday I am typing wiff my wittle paws while my pet human is curled up napping.

I better keep an ear out.

Looks like some sort of tropical storm is in southern Florida named GORDON. 


Sure hope it doesn't turn into a purr-icane.

My pet human sold the motorhome and I don't know how far and fast she can pedal our bicycle to evacuate. Will there be room for my toys and my food and my bed and my blankie and my pillow and my rain coat and my leash and my vest and my flea stuff and my shampoo and my towel?

I think she can fit me and all my stuff on the bicycle and we can just leave her stuff behind.

Maybe I will load up the bike with all my stuff like a good little doggie. That's what my pet human said before she laid down "Be a good little doggie while I nap!"

She says we can buy food or we can buy  a car, so we buy food and no car.  I weigh 7 pounds and I only eat about a pound a day in Paul Newman's kibble and Little Cesars and people food and canine treats and when my pet human says HOOVER HOUND I run over and clean the kitchen floor too where she drops tasty stuff flailing around while trying to cook. If it weren't for ME, the kitchen floor would be a mess.

I need all that food cause I am a busy boy. I burn it off driving her crazy! My pet human told me one day if we had a car, she would name it CRAZY after me, cause I drive her crazy. I don't understand. I don't drive at all. So how can I drive her crazy?

Ain't life goof.

Y'all be safe now ya hear?