Monday, September 03, 2018

Paws For the Cause

TOday I am typing wiff my wittle paws while my pet human is curled up napping.

I better keep an ear out.

Looks like some sort of tropical storm is in southern Florida named GORDON. 


Sure hope it doesn't turn into a purr-icane.

My pet human sold the motorhome and I don't know how far and fast she can pedal our bicycle to evacuate. Will there be room for my toys and my food and my bed and my blankie and my pillow and my rain coat and my leash and my vest and my flea stuff and my shampoo and my towel?

I think she can fit me and all my stuff on the bicycle and we can just leave her stuff behind.

Maybe I will load up the bike with all my stuff like a good little doggie. That's what my pet human said before she laid down "Be a good little doggie while I nap!"

She says we can buy food or we can buy  a car, so we buy food and no car.  I weigh 7 pounds and I only eat about a pound a day in Paul Newman's kibble and Little Cesars and people food and canine treats and when my pet human says HOOVER HOUND I run over and clean the kitchen floor too where she drops tasty stuff flailing around while trying to cook. If it weren't for ME, the kitchen floor would be a mess.

I need all that food cause I am a busy boy. I burn it off driving her crazy! My pet human told me one day if we had a car, she would name it CRAZY after me, cause I drive her crazy. I don't understand. I don't drive at all. So how can I drive her crazy?

Ain't life goof.

Y'all be safe now ya hear?

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  1. Harley is so much fun and funny. Love this blog. Stay safe. We may even get some rain from Gordon up here in Texoma. Are you on the Gulf side near the red tide?


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