Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pot Garden

It's a beautiful day in paradise. I haven't been able to sit and type much because I slipped on mold on the patio and busted my tailbone.

It only hurts when I stand, sit, or walk. Other than that I feel fine. 

I've since learned more than I care to know about outdoor mold.Once this mess is cleaned up, I shall endeavor to prevent mold in the future.

My little pot garden is thriving. It makes me super happy to see this as I started with a bunch of dead plants that were either killed by hurricane Irma or the record breaking  freeze we had last winter in this part of Florida.

Many people threw out their dead plants and I scooped up the pots out of the dumpster. Some came with dirt and some didn't. I cut back the dead plants and at some point began watering the dirt to make it moist in case I found a clipping or something to stick in the pot.

Well eternal optimism and saying nice things to these dead empty pots and suddenly green things started shooting up. A few people gave me plants and I nurtured them thrilled to have something live to grow. I ate an avocado, sprouted the pit in water then planted it in a pot. Now I have a 3 foot avocado tree. Some pots are sporting several different plants and flowers pop up now and then.

So it's good to know I have a green thumb to grow plants... and a green rump to grow mold.

Life is goof.

And a pic of mold growing...

Amazon sells outdoor mold removers. 

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  1. WOW just WOW! I love to garden, but I don't have the ability that you do. I find the heat hard to deal with, both for me :) and for the plants! Your plants look outstanding!!!! So impressed!


Life is goof!