Friday, September 07, 2018


I guess I can't fly.

But I tried!

I was working outside on the concrete and moving stuff. I was barefoot and walking carefully when suddenly my feet went out from under me. I just levitated in the air like I was suddenly riding prone on a magic carpet ride.


Reality slammed me hard.

I was prone on the concrete.

Luckily I had company at the time. They were sitting in a chair outside when they had to take a phone call.

I thought while they are talking, I will grab this and that and put it away.


They came running and the  neighbor next door came running.

I was just laying there wondering why I wasn't flying on my magic carpet ride anymore.


There was mold on the concrete. We had rains earlier, well rains nearly every day.

Life is goof.

I can't fly.

But I tried!


  1. OH NO hope you are OK we at this age are not supposed to try to fly

  2. Oh poor dear Mermaid you need to stick to swimming. Hope you are okay. Let us know.

  3. hey CR! glad to see you're still having adventures - also glad you are ok! would love to reconnect - I'm on FB a lot these days! still working but thinking more and more about joining the 'wheel estate' community or maybe going back to St John or St Croix - will be 65 in February! hope to hear from you!

    (former) 'Parrothead Pam
    Valparaiso IN


Life is goof!