Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hurricane Dance

Oh my!

I am sending happy positive thoughts that all of these miss me completely. The last two years I have played "Dodge ball with  hurricanes" moving erratically in my motorhome to miss them.

This year, no motorhome, no car, just a bicycle and a stationary RV 5th wheel trailer. So I may not be running at all.  Just pray. smile and hunker down if it comes to that.

Life is goof.

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1 comment:

  1. If they call a mandatory evacuation they normally have a plan in place for those who don't drive. In most cases, city buses take you and Harley to a location then you are bused by school buses inland to shelters.
    Just in case maybe you should find out what your county has in place? I think Harley will have to have proof of his shots and be in a carrier.

    I know it would be so uncomfortable but I also think that while you might be willing to shelter in place for yourself....Maybe to keep Harley safe it would be doable?

    I have a daughter in Sanford Florida and I am so thankful that so far you and her are safe this season.

    I figure after living in the islands you probably are prepared. I had to leave our 5th wheel one night late, due to a bad storm. I only had to go to the community center here in the RV park. But i wasn't prepared! I had to gather up supplies and both my dogs leashes and crates plus get us and all the junk in the car during the storm. Sucked, I hate thunder and I am also not so fond of being outside in the pitch black. I now get prepared ....and have never needed to repeat leaving the RV with both dogs during a storm. But me and the dogs freak a bit during bad storms and get ready just in case!

    I wish I could somehow make a car magically appear in your driveway! Stay safe,


Life is goof!