Saturday, March 05, 2016

Nature Found

You never know who will drop by my campsite.

 A side trip to wetlands 15 miles away. My bicycle had to go to the bicycle shop for a tune up. A friend went with me. Turns out the bicycle shop was pretty busy and the bike had to be left there overnight. That seemed like a pretty good excuse to take the rig out to some wetlands. My soul needed to escape.

An impromptu indoor picnic at an outdoor park.

 This might be why there are no outdoor picnic tables.

A gaggle of baby ducks sailing by.

Ton more pics and info, but I need to rest now. More later, alligator.

I woke up alive and life is beautiful. Yesterday was a treasure. Today is another gift.

My spirit soared with the eagles, sunned with the gators, swam with the ducks. One day I will return to my roots forever.


  1. You don't understand. She doesn't have a car to get around and has a bike instead. That is pretty frugal.

  2. Well I get it. Your friends that gets food stamps dont know the taxpayer that is forced to pay. Many people want to help nobody makes you give. Miss Mermaid writes a blog that a great number of people fine entertaining. I look forward to news about her wonderful pet. If your disturbed by what you read go someplace else. Miss Mermaid, stay safe, Martha

  3. You remind me of the person who posted twice on my blog that he did not like what I was posting! You do not have to read this blog, nor is anyone forcing you to buy anything from Amazon, so please consider not bothering to read anything here.

    The rest of us enjoy reading this blog and look forward to it. Judy

  4. WOW, I appreciate the good words, other folks reading these comments might be confused.

    A wild and crazy comment here was removed because it was all cow poop and we don't want this blog stinking.

  5. Enjoyed the great comments by Martha and Grandma. I, too, enjoy this blog.

  6. Hear, hear, for removing cow poop!

    This is a blog, not a forum that invites insults and arguments!! Big difference.


  7. Glad I missed the 'comment'...and that you ignored it. We enjoy your blog and your spirit.
    Cynthia & Scout

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful support and positive good words. I am blessed to have such awesome readers.


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