Monday, July 08, 2019

Bicycle Doggy

Harley dog decorated his bicycle ride for the fourth to show he is a patriotic mutt.

He has been riding around in this  front bicycle basket for over 4 years now.  He wore out his first basket, so this is his second.

Amazon has his bicycle basket for sale (but mine arrived without the stripe around it. )

The nifty thing is that it is a quick release basket with a carrying handle, so the puppy can be unhooked and carted around. Alternatively one can quick release the basket to go shopping then put it back on the bicycle and ride home with the goodies.

I bought mine "used" from Amazon Warehouse deals for $18 (in January 2015) but it sells new for double that.

I've carried my crockpot inside it to go to a potluck as well as dumpster diving goods and of course grocery shopping. This basket has taken a serious beating the past few years and is still functional though showing some wear and tear.

Life is goof.

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