Saturday, July 13, 2019

Weather for your Birthday Suit


One who collects rust

It's a beautiful day.

A gorgeous crazy parade called life is going by faster than I can watch it all.

I haven't written much lately. So much chaos in getting well and getting this old rig fixed... plus fixing up this old RV. Not sure which is falling apart faster, me or it!

Life is goof.

Of course I had help... in things falling apart!

The RV park had a meltdown at my electric box and it fried my good air conditioner but left the not-so-good one  OK and a few other things fried but still the cost adds up and thus far I've tried in vain to make repairs and well, nothing much is fixed yet. Week six of this mess!

I am just oh so grateful the fiasco didn't burn me down while I slept. Luckily this all happened while I was home and awake, but still the costs of repairing my RV are up to me in spite of the problem being on their electric box.

So I tell myself, make do with what you have and if you don't have, don't worry. Then I try to smile and just be grateful I am alive and able to sometimes poke jokes at the situation.

If I didn't have such a smoking hot body... I would be able to cool down easier!

But there are always cold showers and that does the trick, though showers inside raise the humidity. The RV park here doesn't allow showering outside in my birthday suit. Oh well!

Speaking of birthday suits...

My curvaceous friend was married to a great guy but due to some rare problem, he began slowly losing his vision to the point he was nearly blind and wore super thick heavy glasses. During their marriage he had always complimented her on her choice in clothing that flattered her body. Very often she wore tight form fitting dresses that showed off her curves. As the years rolled by they stayed happily married and remained in the same house since he could easily get around it with his failing vision.

One evening he was waiting for her to finish dressing so she could drive them out to dinner for their 52nd anniversary. Over the years, the curves had sort of reshaped themselves as often happens to women and gravity begins to take over at some point.  But she was still a great looking lady, always dressed fashionably.

On this evening, he found his way to the bedroom door to inquire if she was ready. She stood there in her birthday suit and announced "Hun, I'm just changing my clothes now."

He shoved his thick glasses back up his nose (they were always sliding down) then remarked "You look great! Why change? That pantsuit is STUNNING!" Then he stepped closer, looked her over again and  whispered "But darling... it could use a little ironing.


We thank you for plopping by today and soon I hope to be writing every day again.

Bless you one and all.

It's a fabulous day to wake up alive...  even if my birthday suit does need a little ironing.

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