Friday, July 26, 2019

This Old Mess

Some days are good and some days are better.

Trying to be upbeat about the mess around here.

I know there is comedy in it somewhere!

I was so proud of myself. I fetched this patio mat out of the dumpster. No rips. No tears. Just a pile of dirt and wrinkles.

It's a 9x12 foot, self draining, doesn't mildew. These patio mats sell for $55 and up at Amazon.

 So it seemed worth the while that I struggled for 10 minutes and almost fell inside the dumpster trying to drag this out again. Then I strapped it down on the back of my bicycle and brought it home.

 While I was taking a picture of my latest dumpster diving find, I also snapped a pic of my plants.

Matter of fact, that black bar stool was also a dumpster find. I use it to hold the aloe plant that is overflowing it's pot. I need bigger pots and some potting soil.

Well, good thing I snapped this pic for the memories.

That night during a storm, a tree branch fell down and knocked every one of these plants over making a huge mess.

Life is goof.


  1. Does your mat look Canadian? Maybe I think so 'cause we're in Ontario.

  2. If you flip the mat over then the leaves are red and it does look Canadian.


Life is goof!