Thursday, July 04, 2019

Banga Boom

Happy Fourth of July!

I am reminded of a funny story about a Chinese woman I once met who relocated to America as a young adult. She spent years working long days and at night toiling away learning the English language. She wanted to become a naturalized citizen in the USA.

Finally one year on July 4th  her dream came true!

She  became a US Citizen at a treasured ceremony after taking an Oath of Allegiance. She received her Certificate of Naturalization and a box containing an American flag. 

Later that day she had a big picnic planned to celebrate her naturalization with family, friends and coworkers. At the party while making her speech about this remarkable day, she opened up the box and unfolded her American flag  to show it off while everyone thunderously cheered and clapped. 

A tiny piece of paper had fallen out of the boxed flag  floating on a wisp of wind to the ground. The paper was the same size typically found inside of fortune cookies.

Someone handed it to her saying "This must be your fortune!" The crowd hushed as she held up the little piece of paper and read it out loud. 

It had three words on it.

"Made in China."


Amazon sells American flags in an array of  sizes delivered to your door quickly.

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