Tuesday, July 02, 2019

New Bus Route

No hurricanes, no cyclones.
Nothing untoward on the horizon.
June finished up nicely.

I heard the new and improved bus system was coming to my neighborhood. 

How convenient for me!

While sipping coffee at my dining table this morning, the new bus suddenly appeared. I had my camera nearby and quickly snapped some pics out the window. 

Sadly, I wasn't ready to go, I didn't even know the new bus route would be right through the cow pen.

All I have to do is scale the back fence, wade through knee high underbrush while dodging  cow patties (and cows!) flag down the bus and be on my way. 


I just need a ladder to scale the 4 foot fence, but other than that, it seems like a workable solution for getting to town.

Put all your troubles behind you... drive a bus!

Thanks for plopping by today and thanks for shopping Amazon. 

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