Saturday, November 26, 2016

Right about Wrong

It's been brought to my attention  by quite a few people and computer programs that I am wrong wrong wrong about EVERYTHING. I did it wrong wrong wrong and they are here to inform me and  make darn sure I know that I am wrong wrong wrong and if they can make it any worse, they are here to help make my wrongs even wronger.

So what's wrong with being wrong all the time?

If I'm not having a problem with being wrong all the time, why are they bringing this to my attention over and over? If they were put on this planet to make my wrongs worse, they have succeeded!

Now move along. I got the memo! You are right to point out I am wrong all the time.

I get it.

I know I am wrong about absolutely everything.

Except one.

I know for a fact I am right about ONE thing for sure.

I make a good excuse for a bad example!

Tooting my horn...

or Christmas Shopping Made Easy...

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