Sunday, November 20, 2016


This is a beautiful statue I saw last spring outside the Brookgreen Gardens across from the Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, not to be confused with Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina nor Huntington Beach in California.

Notice I said outside the gardens.

The little troll  ran out and said no mermaids chasing rainbows and absolutely no dogs riding unicorns beyond this point!

Confused? Me too.

Today I feel like this statue.

A lone human losing my grip against an exhausting battle.

A hazy fuzzy cloud of dreams floating past.

I need to thwack myself over the head and try to remember; be grateful, thankful, appreciative and cheerful.

(No matter what that little troll says!)



  1. MM... are you coming to Melbourne... I was wondering if your not if you would tell me when you're going to give up your site ...I'm going to be needing when I think..

  2. Check back with me in April 2017. Dear Miss Mermaid


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