Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Today is another fantastic day on planet earth.


Technology is failing me. Whether it's my technology or the systems out there in cyberworld beyond my control is anyone's guess at this point.

I posted the above note, before writing this PS.

I timed it.

It took 11 minutes which included the 5 times that kept crashing, plus the upload time on a small  picture that I preshrunk so it would load faster plus the time my computer pretended to hang up and I don't know if that is my computer hanging up or the internet or blogger or me or what.

Maybe I forgot to smile and line up all the planets correctly.


What was I thinking?

Some of my readers get this blog by email which is also automatically handled by blogger or some mysterious company they may have changed to. I receive a copy of it in my email.

Um, when I can get my email to work.

Dang it.

I have to keep remembering  to  line up those planets  in the right order. To get something to work out right.

Sometimes I check the emailed posts and I see they are randomly sent out at weird times. Sometimes the emailed blog is randomly formatted, different from what's posted here.

They both used to agree nice and neatly.  The emailed post used to go out shortly after I posted to the web page. Some days it does. Other days it doesn't.

It's random. Spin the wheel of fortune and hope for the best or bust.

It seems to me the technology gurus are such nervous wrecks, they are changing, updating, upgrading equipment and programs faster than bad news travels around the block.

I currently have access to fast internet (before I move again) so this is much faster than my usual crummy internet.

Life is so grand.

I am going to try to post this PS next, but I am not going to reply how long that took. If this posts at all.  Could be a distant date in the future.

It may not.

Gotta run now. I have to spin the wheel of fortune to see if this posts or not, right after I get through lining up the solar system.

Life is goof.

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