Friday, November 11, 2016

Most Fast and Break Things

Recent Comment:
Are you still having nasty people commenting on your blog? 
I wish we could see comments.
And I do appreciate your attitude.

My reply here:

I read your comment and hit the publish button. I hope it shows up. Some days this platform works, others days are "another daze". Technology flails and fails. 

Thank you for making me blush and feel fabulous. You and many many others go out of your way to make me feel terrific. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to one and all.  

There are many wonderful people in this world and then there are those not so wonderful. 

There are some unfortunate souls who probably qualify as psychopathic stalkers and I am probably not alone in wishing to avoid these types of mean spirited tortured souls. 

I was forced to change my comments to moderation, which has problems too, given that internet is so ridiculously random given my current technology hardware, software, floppy-ware, knowledge (or lack of) and time crunch. 

What I used to do with the aid of computers and technology in under 3 minutes, now takes me 30-60-90 minutes, so I am having to slice and dice, pick and choose, what's really important in my 24 hours today. 

Some days I don't have time to line up all the stars and planets in the right order to make things go smoothly anymore. 

Awhile back  I was reading through past comments at a time when comments were instantly posted online and the spam filters were working automatically preventing the incessant mindless gibberish generated by techno gurus and auto-spam. I discovered that there were some very nasty comments that had been published online on my blog. I was mortified. It seemed my only choice at the time was to remove the comments and switch to moderation. 

I don't want my blog used to promote pornography nor used as a forum for attacking me and/or others.

I don't mind criticism, much of it has been super helpful like the folks that used to comment and catch my grammatical errors and terrors and/or words that baffled you, me and my spell heckler.

As quick as I figure out how something works, generation "DUH" changes it again. In my opinion the changes are often for the worse rather than the better. 

Today, before I read this comment ( and selected it to be published) I was sitting here laughing about accidentally discovering that Facebook's company motto is (or was... who really knows they change so often) "Move fast and break things."

That explains it. 

I have always  secretly suspected generation "duh" believes "If it's working, break it!"

This is a far cry from the old saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it"  or  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I hope I can continue writing, posting and reading comments, but if generation "duh"  keeps breaking things, this may not be possible for me. 

Life is goof. 


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