Sunday, November 06, 2016

Who Messed Up My Clocks?

Another gorgeous day in paradise on planet earth.

My dear friend N.D. who is now N.S. once told me she had an ap on her phone to take one picture a day to remind her of that day.

Whenever I miss a day taking photos, even just one, I think of her.  Amazing how a nanosecond in life triggers fun and fond memories.

My un-smart dumb phone does take teeny tiny faded washed out pics, about the size of a classic postage stamp. When someone calls, if I have linked that pic to their name, an even tinier pic about the size of a pencil tip shows up so I still have no idea who is calling.

Whoever designed my phone would be better suited making raincoats for fleas.

I have a grumpy camera that I  sometimes dangle around my neck tourist style while walking the doggy to take photos of random beauty.

Sometimes when I finally download the pics, they are dog poop, not pics of dog poop but think of what rhymes with "pity" and add  "SH". It seems over half my pics are blurry or weird or colorless. So weird even I don't know what it was supposed to be.

That camera has deep dark secrets it cleverly hides.

Speaking of dog poop...

I've had some close encounters and near misses while wearing my camera tourist style trying to scoop the poop and not end up with my camera landing in the canine poop too. Good grief.

When  I try to speed walk to get my circulation going and exercise my endless-energy mutt, my dangle on a string camera will bounce wildly left-right-left-right across my belly.

Small wonder a piece of rubber fell off it revealing techy gadgetry. I was too scared to put super glue on it (my faithful staple in life) so I slapped a piece of colorful duck tape on it.

Any day I  manage to conclude without using a whole tube of super glue before noon qualifies as an unexplained mystery. If you should buy stock in their company, no worries. I keep their profits healthy.

"You must have broke something really big!" said the cashier last month as she bagged up my mountain of super glue (3 for a $1) packs. My face probably turned beet red as I mumbled "Um, no, but the day's not over yet."

Just a few minutes ago, I looked at the time and thought hmm that feels wrong. I checked my various time keepers (computer, microwave, bathroom nightlight, cell phone and weather clock discovering they show five different times. 914am, 1015am 711pm, 342am and 920am. Another unexplained mystery.

Life is goof.

(it helps this author keep writing, sputtering and puttering)

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  1. i've never been moderated.

    i was in a store a few years ago with 3 atomic clocks on the wall. 1 was 10 minutes off or 2 were 10 minutes off. or all three were wrong. 2 were the same model and they were 10 minutes apart. atomic clocks are set every 24 hrs with a radio signal from colorado(i think). certainly not from here.

    i asked which clock was right. they looked at me like i had 3 eyes. they didn't know. they didn't know how they worked, either. i asked why they didn't take the odd clock down until they sold the other 2. 3 eyes again. i was talking to owners here, not clerks that can't do shit. mind you. all were still on the wall until store closed. atomic clocks ain't cheap. go figure. i wanted 1, but not 1 of those.

    ice cream. raz

  2. Sorry about the moderation, it's not you, it's for everybody, I hope to remove it soon. It was just a temporary situation due to my erratic internet connections and a problem beyond my control.

  3. i don't mind the moderating.

    sherbet. raz


Life is goof!