Thursday, March 04, 2010

Newsy Stuff from the British Virgin Islands March 4, 2010

Newsy Stuff from the British Virgin Islands...
What?  No Competition???  No "undercharging"?  No fair!
Gov't may standardise taxi fares
BVI Beacon
The fares would be publicly posted and drivers would be prohibited from over- or under-charging, said Natasha Chalwell, a representative from the BVI ...
We've heard that before!
Gov't: VG Airport could reopen soon
BVI Beacon
Denniston Fraser, managing director of the BVI Airports Authority, said government officials plan to meet soon with representatives of Air Safety Support ...
ShowTime Band Releases "Over Do It" Today
Platinum News Online
The new hit will be played on the airwaves from today and speaking to BVI Platinum News, Roger Frank - Manager of the Band said it will focus on the known ...
Complaints commish publishes report
BVI Beacon
... and his staff authored a special report detailing grievances from a Cane Garden Bay native against the ministry and the BVI Electricity Corporation. ...
Going swimmingly
Law Gazette
'In March I am swimming the length of the BVI, and on the last day, swimming to the nearest USVI, or as near to it as the Department of Homeland Security ...
Very sad events (below)!  I can't tell you how many times I have ridden in taxis that were in  bad need of a brake job!  My very first ride in a taxi on Tortola involved a driver who used his emergency brake every time we needed to slow down.  I thought this might be an isolated incident, but I've had it happen more than once.  Yet, when owning my own heap of a jeep on Tortola, having great brakes was of paramount importance.  Fix your brakes, arrive alive!  I hope all taxis in Tortola will review their brakes and take appropriate action to repair them long before another tragedy. Heart felt prayers go out to the family, it's the last thing you expect on a vacation, a taxi with old useless brakes.
How Did Princess Cruises Excursion Bus Driver "Crash Dummy" Earn ...
By Jim Walker
In an article entitled "Taxi Driver Granted $60000 Bail - License Suspended," BVI News in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) reports that the driver of the Princess Cruises excursion bus arrested with reckless driving and causing ...

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