Monday, June 28, 2010

The Brain Gets Tired

     The brain gets old and tired. Soon as I master a computer program, windows updates and makes the program obsolete. Then I'm supposed to buy a new program and relearn all over again. It's super frustrating.
     Luckily, I have a 5 pound puppy that wastes a ton of my time. I didn't plan it that way. Training takes up a lot of time. Training him to respond in certain ways to certain words.

     I read somewhere that a smart dog can master 100 words. I know my cats knew about 100 words. I think TUNA was their favorite word. Just say TUNA and all three would make a fast run to your feet. They could be a half mile away, playing in the woods, out of breath, and covered with bits of dirt and leaves, they would run like mad to show up for TUNA.  If the TUNA wasn't produced in less than 10 seconds, then copious amounts of meowing and pleading would assault my ears until I laid out the TUNA for the kitties. 
     They also responded well  to "breakfast", "lunch time" and "dinner time".  Apparently anything to do with food, was easy for them to learn. 
     My puppy has learned "NO!".  He freezes in motion and looks contrite or hurt or embarrassed or ashamed. 
     He knows "Bo-Bo" is his favorite toy, a long skinny thing that is stuffed, plastered with  a silly dog grin and tiny paws, like a weenie dog. He understands anything to do with "ball" such as tennis ball, baseball, football. golf ball, soccer ball. He loves to play ball.  
     He has NOT mastered anything like "quiet" or "it's OK" when I want him to stop barking. 
     He is iffy on "stay".  He thinks that means to stay and then craftily sneak out or sneak away, when I am not looking.
     Friends came to pick me up for lunch. We left Harley the puppy, all alone in the motorhome for a few hours. I had left the air-conditioning on, put his lunch and water out, plus he had plenty of toys. All the window shades were up, so he had plenty to watch go by in the campground. 
     My friends laughed, when I firmly said "STAY!" before shutting the door and locking him inside. I explained I was trying to teach him the word "stay".
     During lunch we discussed doggy revenge, and whether or not he would destroy the motorhome while we were gone. I explained I had left him plenty of toys, water, food, all the shades up, the air on. He should be fine. But still we all wondered if the upholstery would be shredded, the garbage scattered and so on. 
     We returned and a 3rd friend arrived. Four people in my tiny motorhome!  That was a first. How I wish I had the two foot slide for the living area. Luckily, the motorhome looked fine. My bed had half his toys on it, and the other half were scattered under the chairs, and in the hallway.  Harley was overly excited to see us all and was jumping like mad, making a real pest of himself. So I picked up a toy and threw it to the other end of the motorhome. 
     Harley, thought it was Show Time and he was the star. He showed off every little trick he knew to woo his way into everyone's heart. He chased his Bo-Bo down the hallway. He has two Bo-Bo's a medium and a large. The large one is bigger than him!  But he picked it up in his mouth and took a flying leap up onto my bed in the rear of the camper. This had everyone laughing. 
     He uses my bed as his playpen, because the windows are right by the bed, and  he can look out and fuss at the squirrels. He likes to bark and I am trying to train him that ONE BARK is enough to get my attention.
     When he tangles up on his doggy run, I hear this one yelp that sounds like a toddler yelling "help!"
     He knows that one yelp help will get me to dash out and untangle him. But sometimes he wants to bark at the other campers and the other dogs going by and I do not like this one bit. So we are training, training, training. 
Harley and his Bo-Bo get ready for a road trip in his car seat
He is harnessed and hooked to his leash, which is tied to the arm rest. 
This keeps him from running about and getting under my brake pedal!  Also, it keeps him in place, should I have to jam slam the brakes.  
His puppy bed is lashed in with the seat belt, so if he get rambunctious, the bed won't fall off the seat. 
He has learned he is tied in.  
Mostly he takes a big deep sigh, curls up and goes to sleep for the ride.  Once in awhile when he wakes up and looks outside his window, he barks at the racing scenery and I shush hum back up, so mostly he doesn't look out the windows, until we stop. 

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