Friday, June 11, 2010

Deer Wandering By

I'm at Mistletoe Park in Georgia. Yesterday it was the ducks or geese with their babies wandering by my camp. Today it is the deer. Little Harley, the big dog in the tiny body, doesn't know what to make of all this wildlife.
I am trying (HA HA HA) to teach him (HA HA HA) to be quiet and just watch. He of course wants to yap about it all and send the wildlife scurrying away.
He is just a puppy. He is learning certain words and others he is not learning so well. He has learned "NO!" I guess cause he has heard it more than any other word. He can't seem to decide if he likes his name or not. He might come when he is called, he might not. He has zero road sense and he hates the leash business.
I woke up half dead again, but I am going through all the motions, as if I am alive and well. I've meditated, prayed, pleaded, begged and wished for better health. I can't keep living like this, waking up nearly dead. Good grief. That's no life at all.
My internet is horrible here. Super slow. I can't go on any websites at all.

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