Thursday, June 03, 2010

Diary of a Crazy Mermaid

Calling all angels!

Oh my gosh, life is good and stressful these days. I must try to call my angels. Stress is sooooooooo bad for improving health.

I am juggling a dozen different things and a few people have decided they have NOTHING better to do than to throw up road blocks at me and make life miserable.

Good grief.

Sometimes I think my happiness upsets those that aren't happy.

Who knows.

I am trying to take on another outside job. The books (Hurricanes and Hangovers) are just not selling fast enough. Sure they are selling and for that I am VERY GRATEFUL.

Thank you to all that have bought my book and a big hug and kiss to all who read it and wrote a review on Amazon for me. That helps sooooooooooooo much.

My old medical bills which are piled up on my credit card are threatening to eat me alive. I am juggling several outside jobs, trying to make ends meet and keep everyone (read that THE BANKS) happy.

I bought an old used motorhome to live in, because overall, it's far more economical than trying to settle down into a rented place with a lease and considering I only own mermaid things like some clothing and no furnishings, well that could be a problem, in a leased home with nothing to lay about on but the floor.

The motorhome, has all the furniture built in, so that is very handy indeed.  The old owners also left behind some household stuff like sheets, towels, and kitchen stuff. Plus ONE pillow case. I'm certifiably insane, so I have many pillows for my padded cell, so as I find pillow cases on sale (cheap) that match the interior colors of the motorhome, I've slowly added pillow cases to my collection of sheets. All the sheets are flat. It didn't come with any fitted sheets.  No worries, I just tuck in the flat sheets, and as I toss and turn, they untuck themselves again.

I don't know WHY I adopted this puppy dog *tee hee hee* he has turned out to be a handful!  But he is most entertaining, I think he is really just a miniature goat. He scrambles around and up on things and back down again, without a care in the world. he dances and jumps and does nearly 360's in mid-air.

He even LOOKS like a teeny tiny toy goat, especially since he has very long spindly legs, and a white goatee.

He wants to be a yapper (bark too much) and I am trying to teach him ONE bark is enough, then he needs to take direction from ME (the top dog).

He is supposed to be trained to pee and poop outside, but at 5 months old, he is still having the occasional accident. *SIGH*.

I hope he grows and learns.

I have a friend visiting and we went out shopping in their car. I broke the drawer in the motorhome and seeing as the kitchen only has 4 drawers and the bedroom 5 drawers, and that is 9 drawers to store an entire life in, well you can see where one broken drawer can be a problem.

We let the puppy go in a few stores with us. He was wildly excited as he thought we were back at Petsmart again. But alas, we were not and he didn't get any new toys or any new anything.

He got over it.

But at the grocery store, we didn't think a puppy would be welcome at all, so I stuffed him in the soft-sided cat carrier.  (I lost my cat last fall and I am STILL heat broken over that).

We told him to "Stay" after he was zipped up in the cat carrier with his stuffed froggy, and left him in the back seat with the windows down (very hot in Lake Placid, Florida these days).  We were quite pleased that as we left the car, we could not hear any yelping (good doggy!)

When we came out of the store, the little nut was rolling the cat carrier across the back seat and back again. It was hilarious to watch, and would have made a great video (my antique camera doesn't do videos).

I released him from the carrier, put his leash back on, and let him ride back up in the front seat with us, after I popped open the lid on a tiny bowl of melting ice cubes for him to drink from.

As I write this, he is in his tiny bed at my feet, looking very deflated. My friend took him on a super long walk this morning while I was trying to do work and he is pooped out tired.

Like me.

But I have work to do.


  1. Ah, stress... I can certainly sympathize. This June through Dec. I am on a serious de-stress regimen. As I formulated this plan someone gave me their small pup. I already have a cat who has been with me since we met on a fishing boat in Alaska (18 yrs ago). He is used to being the only one who gets my attention but is being very patient with our new little doggie.
    Last year I also ended up in the emergency room (found by co-workers who broke into my apartment) and the resulting surgery left me with mountains of bills and a long recovery BUT the good news is that after all the sacrifice and self denial I have almost paid off the bills ($3600 to go!), managed to spend a month on Tortola last fall (justified it to myself as part of my recovery) and if all goes well (fingers crossed) I will be able to have another vacation there this year (eating ramen noodles and drinking water until November should do it).
    I say this all in sympathy for your situation and hope that you can fare as well and get it all straightened out in no time! I've been following your blog for a few years and last year it seemed we were on the same page. While I was dealing with the hospital here I just kept thinking: "At least I didn't fall ill in the Caribbean!" (Have heard horror stories about it and you seemed to back that up in detail! Was told a few years ago that if you can avoid the hospitals there it's best to just find a good vet and visit him instead.)
    Loved your book and if "laughter is the best medicine" let me just say that you helped me out tremendously! (Bought copies for everyone at Christmas and they loved it, too!)
    I'm rooting for you (and your little dog, too)!

  2. THANKS for the wonderful comments! WOW! You made my day!


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