Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drove off the Map into LaLaLand

I haven't had internet or phone for a few days.  I drove right off the map.  Nothing worked at all, except me. I worked very hard at trying to get well and build up my strength.
I was at Altamaha Park.  Super reasonable rates, very nice people. I should have stayed put. I was starting to feel so much better.
I still feel lousy. I hope this isn't how it all ends, not now! 
I spent 10 hours going 250 miles and was literally in tears before the day was out. It was way too far for me to travel in the condition I was in and furthermore, the certain town that took down critical highway signs (so you are repeatedly forced into their shopping district) well I shall never visit your town again. I didn't think it was cute or funny to try to force traffic into your town by removing the highway signs that tell you a certain route has been rerouted through 19 secret turns. 
I was in tears after being stuck in the same town for hours!  I would follow the highway signs to get out of town, and only end back up in yet another shopping area. It was maddening!  I finally followed a top secret totally unmarked road out of town, and was I ever HAPPY.  Every sign on the road had been removed, so you were clueless as to where you were. But I just plowed ahead, I wanted far, far away from that evil place.
I wasn't even supposed to be in THAT town. My map and directions took me around it, but alas, the signs...   You can't trust the signs. They force you into their town and when you try to follow the signs to get the hell back out, you just keep ending up in shopping districts. Maddening!
I finally sat down and cried, I was so frustrated. Nothing like a good cry to clear the air. I didn't need that stress, and I burned up and wasted a lot of precious fuel, which makes me angry. Oh well.  I won't buy gas in that town either.
Now I have super slow mobile internet courtesy of AT&T.  It works fine as long as you don't do anything like check any web pages or read email or send email, otherwise, well, um you can pretend you have internet, it's great for that.
I can't even log into my own blog to post anything at all. So I am trying to send out an email posting (this one you are reading)  that might turn up on my blog. Ha!  Last email I tried to send out, did go out, in under 5 minutes. WOW!  Records are being broken. For some reason, I thought being back in America, meant internet was available at a decent speed.  Maybe I picked the wrong mobile provider and now I am stuck to an awful two year contract. Had I realized AT&T was going to be so pitifully slow as to make using the internet useless, I would have never ever signed up. I am such a fool!  No wonder they forced me into a 2 year contract, so that I am STUCK.
When I called to complain, they suggested I go to Starbucks or McDonalds and do my work there. I can't work in those places. It's noisy and my office things aren't there. And don't they want you to spend money there? I don't want to show up as a freeloader.  Nothing  is sold at either place, that is on my diet.  So WHY is AT&T pushing McDonalds and Starbucks so heavily?  They tell me this over and over when I call to find out what I am doing wrong that the internet is so painfully slooooooow. Does AT&T own them now?  Their employees sure are trained to push them.
Very odd.
Many of you made such wonderful postings, comments and suggestions. I apologize for the porn guy that keeps posting ads on my  blog via comments, I am fed up with him. I keep deleting his porn ads and he keeps adding more. I guess he wants to shut down my comments altogether by continually harassing me this way. *sigh*.
I tried to log in to my own blog and it keeps timing out. Thanks AT&T for such a bang up job!  I just love slow internet, so slow, it kicks me out of my own sites! *tee hee hee*
OK, back to bed, I hope I get well QUICKLY!  This business of being so sick, I can't even walk the dog, is really BAD.
I tied the dog to about 40 feet of clothesline instead of the 6 foot leash. Yes, I am breaking all the dog laws here.  Shhhhhhhhhhhh, but I am sick and doggy needs his exercise.
Anyhow, after said doggy was attached to his 40 foot leash, I  then tossed his football 40 feet the other way, so he got to run about 80 feet.  We did this back and forth and it wore him out.   I felt lousy too. *sigh*  No fair!
Last week I was walking miles with the puppy, now I can barely make it 40 feet. I hate being this sick. 
I can't decide if I am hungry or tired.
So I am going to take a shower, then meditate for better health.  I will push the "send now" button and see if I finish my shower before it emails out on this slooooooooow internet.


  1. I was in Publix supermarket today and saw a flyer about free Diabetes medicine. If you can sort out the script issue, you can get up to a 30 day supply of metformin. Hope this helps. Have been a reader for about 6 years since our Fl storms of 2004.

  2. I will look into that, thank you!


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