Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grateful for Beauty and Readers and Silly Puppy Dogs

Let's see if this gorgeous picture of the Spanish Moss on the old oak tree shows up when I email this posting.
I am sorry I sound so whiney.
I am VERY grateful for this beautiful planet and my opportunity to see more of it.
I am super THANKFUL for all my readers and book supporters.  I wouldn't keep writing if it wasn't for your constant nurturing. THANK YOU!
I am blessed to still be alive, in spite of everything, I am still HERE and able to write and walk. No walkers, no canes, just me own two legs and lawdy mercy, those of you that have been reading me for years, know the agony I went through with wheel chairs, crutches, canes, walkers, and therapy to get where I am now, walking without aid.
I am lucky and I am thankful. VERY thankful. I shouldn't whine just cause things go badly now and then. It's really quite funny at times.
I am going to post this to see if the picture shows up.
AND, before I do, I must thank all my angels, they keep showing up and helping out and it's literally, heaven on earth.
P.S. I never did eat, but I took a shower and that felt wonderful!  I am sooooooo lucky to have a shower AND hot water. For months I had no hot water, and it sure is NICE to have it now. I am spoiled rotten now, to have hot water for my shower and for my dishes. WOW!

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