Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Little Things Are Nice

The little things in life can make one immensely happy, especially me.  For instance, I just got HOT WATER after only 5 months without. Yippee!  No more cold showers, no more chattering teeth, no more sponge baths (because the shower was too cold).  I must admit, I often tried to borrow a shower when it came time to wash my long hair, as some days I just couldn't take the cold water.

The motorhome hot water has been cantankerous but finally I saved up enough to get a repair man on to it. I had read the entire manual that came with it, and sussed out all I could, but still no hot water. Also, I had a wiring short and my electronic volt meter (only 20 years old) had finally died and a new one was ridiculous expensive. I don't like to mess around with 110 electric anyhow. My volt meter was leftover from the days of 12 volt wiring on my sailboat "Sea Rose" when I lived and sailed aboard her for 12 or so years.

I had to rebuild her too. She had been through a hurricane or two, before I bought her. This motorhome seemed to be in really good shape, but she was 15 years old, well 16 give or take, and came with the original interior and most of the original equipment. Thankfully, she didn't appear to have been in any hurricanes. 

The rest of this lengthy post was consumed by a greedy computer and never located again.

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