Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something in the Bush

The adopted dog is a ton of hard work. He's a puppy, not even six months old. The training is cumbersome. But he is so funny.
And he gets me walking.
For two days I was so sick, I couldn't walk him at all. So I hooked him up to a forty foot leash.  He immediately ran to the end of it. Then I threw his football the other direction. He chased it, forty feet the other way, so now he had run eighty feet.
So we played football like this and the poor puppy ran back and fourth until he had done about 40 runs, which is over a half mile of running. Not a whole lot, but he was panting plenty heavy and ready for a break.
We both went back to bed.
Then late yesterday, I felt much better and we went for a real walk all over much of the campground.  The sites are first come, first gets.  You can reserve a spot but not a specific spot.
That's kind of cool in a way. There are some awesome spots I hope to move to, since I have to drive out every day and try out this new sales job.
So far, I am no good at it. But I hope to improve upon that. I'm sure blowing a lot of gas money at being lousy. It's not like me to fail. Maybe I just need better health all around. As in better mental health, as well as physical.
Today we went for another long walk, but I tired out before the puppy did. No fair. Maybe I was walking too fast.  I must get up to speed.
This morning I was up before daybreak. The campground was eerily quiet. The sun began sneaking up, ever so slowly.
I was taking the dog out for a quick restroom relief.  He stopped short and stared. I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, so I turned and the dog and I stared.
There it is again.
I saw something move in the bush. I had seen deer wandering by the morning before, thoroughly ignoring me. I picked up the puppy and held him. I watched real quietly, thinking it was the deer again.
I was shocked and astonished when I  saw a mountain lion come out of the bush! It sort of creeped me out. I love cats and all, but I prefer to leave the wild life wild. I don't feed them, don't pet them, but somehow they always find me.
B-b-b-b-but, I wasn't expecting a mountain lion! 
I watched him stand there, looking left and right, back and forth.  My jaw was wide open in surprise.
I wanted to get my camera and shoot him.  But suddenly he turned, and  in a flash, he was gone. Lightning fast too. Puppy and I scurried back inside equally fast. I locked the door, just in case that mountain lion could open doors, he would need a key for mine now.
I am ashamed to admit, I checked the other two doors, and all the windows, to make sure we were locked up tight.
What disturbed me was, my little pooch could easily be an hors d'oeuvre for that mountain lion.
Inside, I sat with my camera and stared at the bush where he had been, willing him to make another appearance.
After about 30 minutes, I gave up the hunt. Puppy and I went back to bed.  I meditated on improving my health.
And prayed for faster legs. 

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