Thursday, June 03, 2010

Storms, Detours, Bad Road, Heavy Duty Traffic

Why is it whenever I drive the motorhome I have storms, detours and traffic jams?  What's up with that?

I drove from upstate South Carolina to just south of Savannah and it was a white knuckle trip nearly the whole way. I was new to the motorhome, I had only driven it about 40 miles, when in March I set out to do the 275 miles to Georgia.

I left the day before the forecasted storm, only to have it hit about 30 minutes later. Well, it was a good thing because my windshield washer was empty and the windshield was pretty dirty.  I was regretting that I hadn't thought to wash the windshield before my trip.

As the rain beat my windshield, it beat it clean, but I slowed to a snail's pace.  I was so worried at the time, my trip had been delayed 24 hours while I frantically searched high and low for my prescription sunglasses which I desperately needed to drive with.

Someone finally suggested I get these clip-on polarized shade things for my clear eye glasses. I had no idea you could still get those!  I remember my father used to have them for his eyeglasses, but I believe his always came from the optomitrist. In the Caribbean, those things were never sold it seemed, I never saw any there. But I went to a drug store, and shore-nuff, (that's Southern for sure enough) they sold them, so I bought some to use.

I didn't much fancy them, as I still had a glare to contend with, staring through double glasses. I guess they work well for some folks.

Soon as the storm let up, by golly I encountered this horrendous detour tha took me to the shoulder of the road often just inches away from ominous concrete barriers.  It was often uneven pavement, punctuated with pot holes.  The line of cars behind me grew longer and longer as I slowed down, to make sure I didn't hit the concrete barriers on one side, nor the orange cones on the other, nor mow down any road employees or tangle with any equipment and deal with the rattling noises from my motorhome

My hands were numb. I was exhausted and thinking of pulling over for a break. I fumbled around for my broken watch and I had been on the road for an astonishing 50 minutes, not the long hours I had imagined. 

AT&T provides my mobile internet and it is highly unreliable. This blog seems to not save when I tell it to save, so the rest of this story was eaten alive by cyberspace. I shall try to recompose these stories one day soon. 

Parked in Orlando Florida after the 2 day journey.

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