Friday, June 11, 2010


Ahoy!  Several kind people have suggested paypal donations and subscriptions as a way to help me get the next book published and keep me rolling along.  WOW!  What GREAT ideas from readers!  So I am testing out the subscription button.

My medical bills from the lengthy hospital stay are all piled up on my credit cards. First they dope you up, then they say "sign here for treatment". I am trying my best to pay it all back, get well, and stay well. I never knew my life could come tumbling down so fast or that struggling to get well and stay well would prove to be so hard against so many odds. 

*NOTE* On July 22, 2009, Dear Miss Mermaid collasped and was rushed to the local island hospital by ambulance. On July 24, she woke up and began the unintentionally hilarious "hospital blog".

A month later, released from the hospital, in a cloudy state of mind, she sold her Caribbean belongings, then relocated to America, eventually buying a little old motorhome to live in while recuperating and regrouping.  

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  1. Wonderful that you now have a subscription button, and I have subscribed. It would be helpful if you also had a 'one off payment' button too, as I kept my subscription low-ish because you never know what the future will bring. But, I'm doing OK this month and would like to add a little bit to that, but not commit myself to adding more every month. ;-)


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