Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Strange Mystery or a Wonderful Miracle?

Plans have changed once again. It looks like I am abandoning my comfy campground two days early.

I am detouring well over 180 miles to chase down a mystery and a miracle.

Yes. I believe in miracles. 

Angels are watching over me. Time will tell what happens next.

Well, doesn't it always?

It's high time to pack up the circus, pull the plug and get this carnival on the road.

Chasing a miracle. Trailing a mystery. 

Somewhere over the rainbow.

Spring has sprung all sorts of madness on me.

It's all coming back to me in little bits and pieces.

Just yesterday I opened up the memory box.  The baggy  on top of the heap of pictures and paper memorabilia held a tiny pillow and a sheaf of folded papers.  My eyes watered up. I took the ziplocked baggy out of the container. Then I popped the lid back on.

The rest of the memories would have to wait.

For another day. Another time.

I stared at the petite pillow, I had not seen but once since the fateful night of September 30, 2009. Gingerly I pressed the pillow between my thumb and finger. Fighting back the imminent flood, I promptly hid the lone baggy in a special place. I couldn't bare to open it. Not now.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I prayed to angels above and the devils below, for an extraordinary miracle.

I've searched high and low in far flung places. I've shed tears.   I've lied awake at night wishing over and over things had turned out differently. I have mentally kicked myself up and down for a stupid mistake I made under a cloud of infirmity.

I don't think I can ever let go of this wee treasure. But I can't open it up either.

Five hours later the phone rang. The stranger had been looking for an anonymous person that held the clues. That person was me and the  stranger was calling with information that I might want to know.

A very bizarre connection to the  elfin pillow and the sheaf of papers. The ones five hours earlier, I tucked away, hiding them from myself.

I was dumbfounded. Wide eyed and overwhelmed.

Incredible. Absolutely fantastically incredible!

Is this for real?  Or am I dreaming? How on earth did this happen?  What are the odds? Zero to infinity?

Clinging to hope, I interrupt this journey to track down the stranger.  To see for myself. To settle the question.

A strange mystery or a wonderful miracle? 



  1. No fair! I can't wait until tomorrow to find out, but I guess I'll have to. Post early, please.

  2. Please let the miracle be a blessing.

  3. Another wish for the mystery to be the miracle to be the blessing.

  4. please tell me that it's your cat ... hope and hope and hope so

  5. Hi Miss Mermaid, thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Have a lovely day, oh..and yes that is my house...sending greetings from snowy Maine, Julie.

  6. I hope it's a miracle.Does this involve your kitty cat?? Sorry,I had to ask.


  7. Sending positive thoughts your way. I hope! I hope!
    I know you have a habit of dragging out 180 miles over several days.
    I am thinking you may set a new speed record on this 180, and I don't mean for going slow!

  8. May it all turn out to be a very happy miracle.


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