Thursday, March 14, 2013

Amazing Find

Deep Dish Crustless Spinach Pie before baking.

I've had a wild craving for spinach and feta. This dish was made with about 3 pounds of fresh spinach, a pound of feta cheese, a half pound of sliced mushrooms, a half cup of Parmesan cheese, six eggs, lots of tarragon and garlic plus the last onion I had on hand.

It baked for an hour at 350F degrees in a convection oven outdoors while the winds blew up a gale around it.

People throw out the darnest things. I am an avid dumpster diver. It helps me keep my minuscule budget held together. Times are tough and the tough sift at the dump. I am no longer ashamed. I find the neatest things, many I can not use but some I can. Sometimes I find stuff to give away to others. This has been met with  delight  or derision.


The convection oven actually had a note on it: "It works!" My friend told me about it so I made a beeline for the dumpster. It was made of stainless steel,  in a new box for a different oven and included two baking pans. I guess somebody bought a new oven then tossed the old one out. I brought it home then my friend as a labor of love, gave it a thorough cleaning.  Actually my friend carried it home because I was such a weakling. So I made them a big casserole from assorted ingredients I had on hand. The oven baked perfectly. I even went on the internet and downloaded the correct manual. Amazing! After the cleaning, it looked nearly new. I guess the former owner wasn't much on housekeeping and just bought a new oven instead of cleaning up the old one.

Recently my friend who was visiting again, was going shopping and asked me if I wanted something to bake in the nearly new oven...  Talk about broad hints!  I mentioned if I only had some spinach and feta... I could toss together a big spinach pie.

In this case, once the spinach pie was baked we were so hungry, I forgot to take a picture of the finished baked version.  Oh well. It was delicious and I still have four servings left in the fridge. YUMMY!

We being I have an angel visiting me again who has been a huge help all around. I've been in loads of pain and a tad grumpy. I start work, cleaning, cooking, repairing and then things start falling by the wayside. So many projects started and stopped.  Nothing finished. I go back to bed for a little while to beat back the exhaustion and pain, then get up and start again.

My friend arrived to see my "in progress" mess. I was embarrassed because usually I try to look my best and have my motorhome looking cute and orderly before company arrives. But this was not the case. Pain, anemia and exhaustion does weird things.  I basically combed my hair, plowed a path through the motorhome and collapsed back in bed after saying "Welcome, make yourself at home, sorry, but I feel a wee bit rough."

My friend said I looked half dead.

Gee wiz.


My little old motorhome is now pushing 19 years old. There is always something breaking, falling apart, wearing down just like an old boat or an old fart.

Like me.

But now this old fart is uber happy with a tummy full of spinach pie.

Life is good!


  1. My motorhome is 24 years old.A 1989 Winnebago Chiefton.....built like a tank and handles well on the road. yes....she has small things break but I love her with 118,000 miles. A keeper. 27 feet long.

  2. What exactly is wrong with you? What causes you to be so sickly?


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