Sunday, March 24, 2013


Still a mystery and not a miracle.

Where oh where is my Lil Black bear?

I drove nearly 200 miles yesterday!

Simply amazing. I have not driven that much in one day since March 2010 wen I drove 274 miles in one day.

It took me all day too, by the time I stopped a few places, got lost several times,made a few wrong turns, took two detours,  and the general confusion of getting caught in traffic  that slowed down to 10mph on the interstate.

I am POOPED out!


  1. Hope that doesn't mean it was a false alarm and story does not end with continued sadness. We all were hoping for a happy ending! Will be out of pocket but will be thinking of you all and will try to access your blog to see how this saga ends. Good luck.

    The Troutman

  2. I am still hoping for the miracle!


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