Monday, March 11, 2013

Oopsy Grumpy

My daily postings have become severely erratic!  This blog platform seems fraught with problems, even when I manage to get computer and internet simultaneously working, the blogger website screws up. Do I sound grumpy?

My computer has been on the blink, the internet flaky and I'm not up to par. Gee wiz!  I have a computer part on order and I watched a frightening video on how to install it. The piece hasn't come and I am intimidated by the how-to video.  I need a guru. 

Next, the digital camera...

I take the darnest pictures, then I screw up the camera. I have no idea how I manage this. But I have a pile of fuzzy pics and a handful of clear pics.  Maybe I am just spazzing out in multiple directions.  Pain does weird things to  some people. Maybe I am some people?

The day I arrived at Long Point, I woke up to 32F degrees.  I even took a picture with the temperature and date, to prove to myself I wasn't just dreaming it up. I was c-c-c-cold. I put on 3 layers of clothes to walk the dog. Brrrr!  Thankfully it has warmed up considerably since then.

Below is a view of the Indian River Lagoon as seen from the foot bridge connecting Long Point to Scout Island in Florida. The winds have been strong all week, I could have sailed to  Bimini in the Bahamas in record time. Thankfully temperatures have soared to the near 70's lately.  Yippie!

One day I am wearing long underwear, two pairs of pants, fleece lined boots,  three shirts and a trench coat to walk the dog with chattering teeth. The next I am in sandals and shorts, sweating profusely while I try to push my bicycle against balmy head winds. Two joggers passed me by too.  Do I peddle that slow?

Below is Harley's favorite off leash dog park at Wickham Park. He was sad to say goodbye.  On his last visit there he was the only dog around.  It was bittersweet.

I stumbled across Long Point Park campground in 2010.  At the time I was leaving Orlando and rendezvousing with a friend from Fort Lauderdale. There weren't any state parks half way in the middle and the others I found had no vacancies.

I began researching parks by county and eureka, I found Long Point. It's been a favorite place of mine ever since. It's remote, surrounded by water and quite beautiful.  It stays busy but I've met folks who don't like it here. But they go to RV parks that I don't like either, so it's all a matter of personal choice.

Living in Florida means at some point each year, one is hopelessly attacked by  ants. The best stuff for killing them is Terro Liquid Ant Baits.  I had the same problem once a year in the Caribbean. I tried all the other potions available before someone told me Terro was the only thing that seriously worked. That was um... decades ago. 

For about 24-48 hours you will see a zillion ants  appear from seemingly nowhere. They poison themselves then carry it back to the nest which will die off. It seems they vanish for a year. I am using poison I bought last year, so I know it's been about a year since I had an ant problem last.

I have no idea why critters want to live with me. I keep things clean, my food is stored in airtight containers, but I guess a cold snap brings in the vermin.

Matter of fact, after I spent all that money last month on mouse poison and traps, I listened to loads of folks tell me "Eeewww, that things will DIE and hide somewhere in your motorhome and STINK the entire place up!"

Well, that mouse apparently moved out before I got home with all the trappings. It was unclear whether he/she ever ate the poison or not.  Nothing stinks around here  but me and my attitude.

Oh my gosh, this website for blogger has crashed forty-seven times in twenty minutes. This message appears every 30 seconds. Annoying as can be. Grrrrrr...  It might eat this entire post. Electronic vermin!  What next?

An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning

What do they mean Ignore Warning?  Pretend it ain't so?


  1. I used to love Terro, but the sugary smell was actually attracting them from the yard, and there were so many that they just kept coming inside. Sooo, I recommend you also use Raid ant spray on the outside by the power cords, water cords, and tires where ants can crawl up and in. They don't like the smell at all! Then Terro works on the inside critters. :-)

  2. I get that error message from Blogger pretty often. I just ignore it (but don't click on that option) and everything works out ok in the long run.


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