Sunday, March 03, 2013

Photo Op

I like to collect pictures of funny signs I come across.

In a country with far too many signs, rules, regulations, laws and lawmakers, it's nice to know that an anonymous somebody still has a sense of humor now and then.

There is one picture of a funny sign I am sorely missing. It was a photo op that was once in a lifetime.  Nothing much funny about this curvy road sign, pictured above, but I post it here so you can look at it to think what if...

I spent years living on tiny far flung islands in the Caribbean. On one such island all government signs were hand lettered by an artist. These were painted so neatly they mimicked a professionally machine printed sign.

Years ago in the Virgin Islands on a major road, black and yellow signs went up with a big black "S" that had been enhanced  by the sign painter to a  drawing of a well endowed curvaceous female who appeared to be streaking across the road.   Yes I mean "streaking" as in naked and running. The lettering beneath read "Dangerous Curves Ahead".

It was in an area were many car wrecks had  occurred not because people were unaware of the curves, but because some islanders loved to take them at ridiculous speeds and play chicken with oncoming cars. This was an island past time, while not acceptable, it was done with regular frequency.

The first and only time I saw the funny signs, I didn't have my camera with me, but it certainly made me slow down and burst out laughing. I thought I was seeing things! I thought it would surely slow down traffic and thus the entire area would be safe again.

Mid afternoon when I returned with my camera, the signs had been removed.  Those who thought it wasn't funny, put out the hue and cry to remove them. Thus I missed an incredible photo op.

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  1. I, too, love funny signs... (Tattoos done while you wait) etc. I carry my camera at all times, but still miss most of the "good ones". I'd loved to have seen the dangerous curves ;-)


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