Thursday, March 21, 2013

Setting Sail

Throw the schedule out the window. I changed my plans once again.

Soon as I build up enough steam, I am setting sail down a sea of highways.

So far this year I have camped at Wickham Park and Long Point Park.  In both places I managed to extend my stay, wrecking my pre-arranged schedule.

So what else is new...

Sunday I have to leave and start driving towards my next two reservations which at this point are nonrefundable, so I might as well make my absolute best effort to arrive there on time.

Afterwards I am traveling to my workamping where I will be parked for about 5 or so months, trading hosting duties for a lot to live on.

Life Is Good.


  1. Leaving for mountains Sunday but will try to check in on you all on way back. Email me revised schedule, if applicable, but I will call before trying to track you guys down. Hope you got my email re: yahoo mail issues and my deactivation of that account. Be safe and give Monkey a big hug.

    The Troutman

  2. We'd love to meet up with you in our travels for sure!


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