Thursday, March 07, 2013

Smile, Laugh and Travel

If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it.
Erma Bombeck 

How does he DO it?

We came home last week or before, I forget which,  from grocery shopping and a day out with girlfriends and dogs. Yes, three women, three dogs, two RV's.

I noticed there was a baggy tied up to one of the camping chairs outside. I opened it up and there were gifts for Harley dog!

Honest to goodness, I think I am going to give up my blog and let Harley take over writing. He seems far more popular than me. Here were yet more gifts from fans of his. Lucky dog!

I had no idea where the gifts had come from until I noticed a piece of paper blowing around. I found that, opened it up and realized we had visitors from the owners of who hail from Ohio.

Harley was THRILLED with his latest gifts. He sent them slobbery doggy kisses and enthusiastic hugs in thanks.  Sadly we never got to see them in person.  Once he had thanked them via email,  I let him play with his toys. Boy was he one happy puppy dog!

OK, I can't really complain. Back in 2010 or so the owners of sent me a pig snout mug and a dog face mug. The dog face mug does look like Harley!

Since I forbid him to drink coffee, I get to use the mugs all to myself. Tee hee hee!  I am lucky too!

On the road again...

We made one final stop at the Wickham Park off-leash dog park  before traveling. Sadly, there were no doggies around, so Harley had to play and run by himself. I am now entering my 4th year in my little old motorhome. Amazing!

Looking at the rear of my motorhome, I decided to take a picture to see if I departed and arrived with the same gear.

The step ladder was a gift from my friends selling their fifth wheel last year before retiring to Brazil.  It really has come in handy for numerous projects. It is attached to a built in ladder that is designed for reaching the roof in an emergency.

Matter of fact my Brazil bound friends outfitted me with so many useful RV goodies, I had to buy the cargo carrier and toy box to hold them all.

Now Santa Claus and good friends bought and brought me the shiny red bicycle for Christmas.  I managed to fashion my own bike rack between the cargo carrier and the RV without spending any money. Amazing!

Occasionally I can come up with a brilliant idea.

Yes, doggy and I are VERY lucky and fortunate to have fans and friends to help us along.  It's utterly amazing that I have lived this long.  Life is good!

Highway A-1-A revealed vibrant blue skies.
The ocean is about 200 feet to the left, but thanks to human inspired development, you can no longer see the ocean from the highway on this stretch. 

We overstayed in our last campground by three days because I had a relapse, yet I had reservations to be at Long Point Park. Luckily I was able to switch things around. Monday morning I still felt poorly but the park could only accommodate me further if I moved to another lot. So I decided to take my chances and head on down to Long Point.

Sometimes while I am driving I pick up the camera and snap pictures off to the side without  aiming because I am watching the road. Later I straighten or crop the pics if they are any good. This random photo caught Harley sightseeing at his closed window. I was tired and achy when I packed up to travel, so those are folding chairs sitting in front of Harley's passenger seat.

I was trying to pack up in a hurry. Normally I load the basement storage area carefully so everything from the outdoor temporary patio fits inside neatly, but in this case, I just tossed equipment hither and yonder so I could get on the road.

At Long Point park this crane came wandering by to meet and greet us.

Later we were treated to an awesome sunset.  That is the Indian River Lagoon.  We are on an inside lot that is not on the water directly, but the cool thing about the inland lots is that they tend to be much larger and you still get great views and a slightly lower price.

In a few short weeks, I will be workamping again. But in the meantime, I hope to wander around this beautiful planet.


  1. How in the world did you find that place? Talk about out of the way!! LOL

  2. Oh...don't get me wrong.I'd love it there.

  3. Post your end of month schedule. Mountains are calling and will hit road on 3/24.

    The Troutman


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