Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Travels

It just occurred to me that the 200 miles I drove Friday was only the second time I have driven with my new prescription eyeglasses.  The last time I drove with them was only 30 miles.

Maybe now that I can finally SEE where I am going, driving is not near as fatiguing. I never meat to wait so long to get a new prescription, but I have to juggle the budget and be patient. I hope my eyes are happy with this new prescription for a long while because I had to buy three pairs of eyeglasses. First I needed reading peepers, then I needed regular clear glasses for driving plus a pair of heavy duty sunglasses.

All I can say is that it is truly heaven on earth to be able to finally see clearly!  WOW!

On to other things...

Below is a picture of sunset at Long Point Park in Brevard County Florida. I spent 22 wonderful days and nights in this lovely campground.  It's a tad remote, the grocery store is 12 miles away.  Regular shopping can be found about 20 miles away.

Shown below is the underside of my one year old vinyl awning. Why am I showing this? Because my dear sweet wonderful angelic friend scrubbed off all the mold with rubber gloves, sponges, rags and bleach. It was so moldy that it was almost completely black. This picture shows the mold in January but by March it was much worse.  The background is grayish haze as that's the day in Wickham Park (Melbourne, Florida) they had the fire that had everyone coughing in the campground.

My friend thought the mold might be really bad for my health. At the time I was super sick and felt so overwhelmed because I was behind on everything. While I was sleeping in the middle of the day, trying to fight my way back to better health, my friend scrubbed the awning on both sides!

I had to take a picture when I woke up, it was awesome to look at. I was jumping for joy too!

Shown beneath is my red bicycle locked up to the six foot six ton picnic table and the sunset in the background.

To help compensate my wonderful friend who scrubbed my awning, I made us many happy meals in this tiny galley aboard my wheel estate. The space between the sink and stove is a one person width. Because storage is so limited, I have decorated up and down the wall with baskets, hooks and a magnetic strip.

Overhead is a small opening hatch that was added a few months ago. A repairman got it off a big fancy motorhome, so it came to me used of course. Many things on my motorhome have been repaired or upgraded with used parts. Patience...  I've wanted that hatch for three years!  Even funnier, I traded an old  broken laptop computer to the repairman for the hatch and labor. A relative of his was able to order the new computer screen and fix the laptop computer for him. Next time I saw him, he was happy with his new/used repaired laptop and I was thrilled to have a "free" opening hatch that brought in more sunshine and natural light.

Most modern motorhomes come with multiple roof hatches, but my old rig only came with one which is in the ceiling right over the toilet in the bathroom. I can sun myself while sitting on the throne.

The former owners of the other RV,  added a different hatch, so I got their old hatch and the repairman cut a hole in my roof to install it. I love it!  Sunlight comes into the kitchen now besides the small window behind the stove.  The opening hatch allows fresh air, heat naturally rises, so it helps vent the RV plus the hatch has a small fan for extracting air. There is another fan over the stove that extracts air too. It was repaired last winter when it and the bathroom exhaust fan both fried when I had electrical problems. This galley picture was at night, so no sunshine in either hatch or window.

The exhaust fans were eventually repaired with used parts.  It took some time to find them but I am oh so grateful to have them functioning again, as I love fresh air and open windows, but exhaust fans help a lot to prevent inside mold, to change out the stale air and of course as a safety feature when cooking on the propane stove.

This is the foot bridge from Long Point to Scout Island, a beautiful island to hike around. No vehicles allowed except bicycles.

I was trying to capture the mirror effect on the Indian River Lagoon in Brevard County Florida.

We caught a ride with my friend to the grocery store. It was cold so Harley is wearing a red shirt with a blue plaid flannel jacket. Ironically I am wearing a red shirt with a bluejean jacket. Even funnier, my friend who is driving, is wearing a red shirt with a bluejean shirt over it. I tried to snap all three red shirts here.

This is Scout Island. A jungle in paradise.

I've added this to my collection of funny signs. This is at the entrance to Scout Island. Love that "athorized" spelling boo boo. This sign has been up the last 3 years that I have been coming here to visit.

Harley dog used to be terrified of bridges over water but he has worked long and hard to overcome this phobia. I think the people before me did awful things to my precious baby before I rescued him. He had so many irrational  fears to overcome. It was so sad to see him absolutely terrified of so many mundane things. But through love, patience, hugs and positive attitude, Harley has slowly let go of most all of his phobias. Believe me, this is a huge relief for both of us.

I snapped this picture, because Harley was willingly racing ahead of me on his leash to go over the bridge. Good doggy!  You can do it!

Shown below is the bridge over the Indian River from Long Point to Scout Island. I am oh so proud of my fearless canine!

As of today, I am resting my laurels parked at a friend's house in central Florida. Monday I plan to get back on the road after picking up a friend at the train station who is threatening to go on the next leg of my trip with me.

I am super excited!  Harley will have to share the passenger seat which means he will insist on sitting in the lap of my friend while we ride around.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Life is oh so good!

I woke up alive, I have a silly little puppy that loves me, food in the wheel estate, a rolling rambling roof over my head and bed plus clothes to wear. That's all the basics covered for life!  Food, Shelter, Clothing and Companionship. It's all we really need to get by in this complicated world. I am blessed to have all my needs met.  It's a miracle!  Angels are looking out for me.

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  1. Good deal on the new vent area! Yay, that is great! My little 22' rig has 3. One over my overhead cab area, one in the center & one in the bathroom. Now if only I had a fantastic fan in the center one. But I'm glad to have the hatches! In fact, I just blogged about cleaning them. You are right, the RV provides us with the essentials to survive in!


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