Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tucking Fired

The March winds on the space coast of Florida have been steady and strong. Sometimes the motorhome is rocking and rolling while parked as if it too wants to go back to sea (like me.)

I washed my long hair this  morning.  I don't own a blow dryer, so  I had drippy wet long strands.

dearmissmermaid.com 1994 tioga montara 28 feet by fleetwood RV

After making a cup of coffee, I stepped outside my little old motorhome where the winds were kicking up around 30 to 35 knots. While I tried to tame my long locks with Mane 'n Tail Detangler, the brisk winds dried my hair quickly.


Before I could make a second cup of java, the stiff breeze began whipping my mane around into all sorts of exotic granny knots.  Oops!

Squirt, squirt, squirt with more detangler and finally I combed and rolled my hair up and into a big banana clip. No, this is not made of a banana, just resembles one in shape.

What a beautiful day!



What a nasty night...

Around 3am bucking pain woke me up. Grrr...

I noticed my awning outside was creating a ruckus. One of the knobs that holds the top strut taut had worked itself loose from sheer vibration created by the high winds from a front creeping in.  It was clanging and banging hitting a nerve inside of me.

I had this foolish idea to go outside and repair it. The clock read 3:09am. Well I couldn't get it fixed right.  I cursed it something along the lines of "You bucking strut!

I was rather naughty as I said things like "Oh muck muck, this schmuck of a strut is bucking and plucking, maybe I should chuck the whole muck like a puck and pray I don't hit a duck.  Oh yuck, just my luck, I snuck up on this  stuck strut.  Doesn't that suck when I would rather be tucked in my bed.  Oh shucks!  You clucking strut!  It struck me that all these creative words were not flowing from me, but maybe something that rhymes with bucking strut was accidentally coming from my tortured body.

Even worse, I wasn't exactly dressed for the great outdoors in my haste to stop the clanging and a banging.

Just as I was entering the door, after putting the noise to rest by furling up the entire thing, which by the way... didn't curl right either but it was close enough, so I gave up. I heard a voice behind me that made me jump so high, I came right off the RV front step. Luckily I landed on both bare feet, a wee bit startled. A woman and her dog stood there.  Or it could have been a man with a female sounding voice. Either way, they politely asked me "Do you need help?"

I was SO embarressed. I was sure all that muttering was under my breath and not outloud. But at 3:09am, all sleepy like, grumpy from pain and peeved at the strut...  was I really THAT LOUD?

I thanked them profusely and told them I had it under control now. I apologized for being so loud. (Was I really THAT LOUD?)

Well I am tucking fired now.




  1. Had to laugh when I saw the title of your post today. YES! That's exactly how I feel.

  2. Oh my, it's best to roll up the clucking awning in windy weather anyhow! I swear, they sound like they will rip the side of your RV off! But they sure can sustain some major damage. Hope you were able to go back to sleep afterwards.

  3. That was a tucking good story! It made me smile.

    Hope you (and your awning) are feeling better!


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