Monday, November 02, 2015

Lentil Rice Pilaf Volcano

I was going to a potluck Sunday at the RV park where I am camping for a spell. I like to take one or two big dishes of something homemade to share. This week I decided to make lentil rice pilaf with wild brown rice, lentils, onions, garlic, secret herbs and spices plus tossing the final version  with a pretty good dose of Braggs Liquid Aminos.  That's my secret ingredient.

bragg liquid aminos

Well, not much of a secret ingredient now that I've told YOU!

Living in a small motorhome means tradeoffs in the kitchen, so in other words my "big pot" is also my wok. 

A wok is what you throw at a wabbit...

I don't go around throwing woks at wabbits (heaven forbid!) but I think Elmer Fudd did this in Bugs Bunny cartoons

An important phone call came in while I was cooking. I seem to have quite a few phone phobic friends. Those types that don't do anything having to do with technology and that includes phones. Seems to be rampant with certain musicians and artists, both of which include some lifelong friends that live in far flung ports. I didn't want to put them off, when a phone phobic friend finally calls me, I want to chat in case they drop off the planet for a few more weeks or months before working up their nerve to make a phone call.
SILLY ME! I thought I could put the phone on speaker and finish assembling my lentil rice pilaf in the wok pot, let it start cooking and sit down in my rocking chair to continue the conversation. 

Well, my friend said something funny and we were laughing. I guess I missed a beat while measuring and counting out cups of rice and lentils. I tossed in the water and beef stock, which I measured too. Covered the pot up then sat down to finish the phone call. 

Later when I checked my cooking pot, I noticed it was sorely lacking in liquids! I quickly threw in more water... and later even more water and this pot of lentils and rice just kept growing and growing and growing like a volcano. I kept adding more water. It was comedy in the kitchen! I was wondering if was stuck in a crazy slapstick dream.

To my horror, I was awake. Life is goof. 

So if you're wondering who brought 4 gallons of lentil rice pilaf to the potluck... that was me. Luckily folks devoured a goodly portion of my massive dish and the leftovers were carted home by some of the campers that really enjoyed it and desired more for future reference. Phew! My fridge is tiny and only so much I can cram in there.

YES!  I still have lentil rice leftovers for myself too. 


  1. Love lentils but never had them in a volcano.

  2. i've do that with rice. i ate rice for several days. put in 2 cups dry not one half cup. might have been the beer or smoke or both. probably both.

    ice cream. raz

  3. does the liquid aminos improve the taste of the food or can you taste it at all? i use the old bay stuff. it's popping up all over. it's goooood stuff. thank you.

    gelato. raz

  4. The volcano lentil rice pilaf were tasty and popular at potluck.

    Yes, Liquid Aminos offers up fantastic flavor. I got started using them in stir fried rice instead of regular Soy sauce and the flavor was awesome.

    When I tasted tested my lentil rice pilaf, something was lacking and I decided to try Braggs. That gave it a good zip and lots of folks made favorable comments on the tasty volcano.

    Tried some on popcorn one day and what a shocker, super delicious, no need to use any salt or butter, just Braggs Liquid Aminos.


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