Friday, November 13, 2015

Mini Monsoon Madness

Mini Monsoon

Recently with no warning, a mini monsoon hit St Marys, Georgia. We had something crazy like 5-6 inches of rain in 24 hours, with ridiculous wind gusts. I hobbled outside to throw my outdoor lifestyle under the motorhome awning but not much help, everything was soaked already. Luckily my treasured bicycle was already covered.

I am not strong enough yet (since the river accident) to take my awning down, it is a cantankerous piece of  cobbled up junk I live with but I keep it weighted down with water jugs suspended from the frame. My helping friend (read that Saint and Angel!)  went home some time ago.

I have to figure out newfangled ways to do things... or not do them...

motorhome awning, tie-down for motorhome awning

The two water jugs (one at each end) keep the awning from flying away in a storm, such as the mini monsoon. However, the 40 and 50 mile an hour gusts of wind, would hit the weighted awning attached to my motorhome and rock the wheel estate from side to side. If I could have taken it down, the storm would have been a bit more bearable. (Less scary!)

Harley dog and I clinged  to each other inside cringing in wonder, thinking we were sailing some choppy waters at sea.

When there was a lull in the storm, I tried to take Harley for a walk so he could unlock his bladder and do doggy business. He kept running and hiding under the pillows in the bed even tough the rains had briefly subsided. I got out his raincoat and he agreed he would go walking after I put it on him. I carried a huge umbrella just in case.

While out walking, the winds suddenly picked up and it rained twenty-two thousand acorns vertically, horizontally and at every weird angle. Harley was crying for me to pick him up, but I couldn't because the sudden winds had flipped my umbrella inside out and back again. I tried to crouch down with Harley's leash draped over my arm and clutching the wacky umbrella with my good hand and bad hand, no third hand to hold a scared little puppy. The acorns pelted us from every direction bruising us up a bit. Then the rains started back with a vengeance.

I thought we might take flight at any moment and meet Mary Poppins or wave at Dorothy's house flying in the clouds.

a big wheel rv park, st marys, georgia

After the storm...

Above is my "thing of beauty" I captured to remind me EVERY day is awesome.

Below is my washed laundry hung up to dry behind my little old RV. That is my homemade laundry rack made from the old faux brass frame from old shower door. I think I mentioned awhile that my shower door had to be replaced. Sadly, the beautiful brass frame from the old one could not stay in place.

Waste not want not! Why throw out a perfectly good piece of hardware when it can be upcycled. One less piece of junk in the dump. A hack saw shortened the framing and a hand drill made the clothes hanger holes. It it counter-levered naturally by the built-in rear ladder on the RV.


My "new" laundry rack goes up in 2 seconds and comes down in 1 second. Even though this RV park doesn't allow anyone to use clothes lines, no one has complained about my personal interpretation of the rules. Yes, the owner has seen it and thought it rather ingenious. I keep an eye on the drying laundry and remove it all promptly. If anyone does complain or if it starts to rain (again!) I can snatch the hangers and run inside to hang them in the shower where I have an overhead rod to hang them from. Mostly folks stop by asking me "where" I "bought" that laundry drying rack.  When I wash towels, I just pin them to clothes hangers, then hang them from the same rack. My compact washing machine (see link) only does small loads, so I only need to dry a small bit at a time.

laundry rack for RV by dear miss mermaid

Before the monsoon, it was so hot, I was cooking outside in a crock pot by the utility post, to keep the heat out of my cruising cottage.
crockpot cooking by dear miss mermaid
 Happier daze...

I locked up my bicycle to walk the doggy in the deserted state park on a sunny day in the past. I don't own a car, but I have bicycle... will wander!

I decided to take a picture of it before doggy and I went walking. Sadly, I had to stop riding for a week and I miss it oh so much, but I will be back on it soon I hope.

The mini monsoon encouraged lots of fungi to sprout up.

fungi, mushrooms, dear miss mermaid, shrooms, bomba shack



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  1. Posted comment... disappeared.... thinking of you and the puppy and hoping you stay on the ground.

    Lynn in GA


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