Sunday, November 08, 2015

My Life is Comedy in a Boo-Boo Way

Lately I am doing one thing at a time and it's very comical!

My friend who was helping me out since I shattered my wrist had to leave and go far, far away. I've learned how to do things in a simpler way, but it all takes a lot of time and creative ingenuity. If I had a video following me around, you could all be laughing along with me as I flail and flub trying to do common tasks that end up in disaster.

Like I was trying to scrape some leftovers from a wok into a small container. I thought I was being smart, cooking extra for the next meal. I was using my new rebuilt wrist and my other hand.  I was using both hands, one to hold the wok the other to scrape out the leftovers. But I dropped the wok.

My new wrist  is not as sturdy as I had hoped.  Food everywhere on the floor. I tried to sweep up the food then dropped the dustpan before I made it to the garbage can under the table. So now I get to sweep up the same food twice, only in a different place now. I was mad at myself for wasting food. Doggy and I walk all over these floors so no telling what germy things are lurking there.


So I went to mop the sticky residue leftover from scattering my next meal on the floor. But I don't have a mop, so I stick a microfiber rag under my foot and mop that way. It's a tiny motorhome. I just never got around to buying a mop. I saw some food on the floor I missed under the table. So I bent over to pick it up, going up under the table. Somehow (no idea) I bumped my big frigging head on the table knocking over a cup of coffee that *somebody* set close to the edge. (Next time I will put my coffee in the CENTER of the table.)

Good grief! The mug didn't break because it rolled down my back spilling coffee on my backside (I was still halfway under the table) and on to the floor. The floor I just mopped. Coffee on my clean shirt and shorts. The clean ones I put on after my shower.

The coffee wasn't hot because I had made it after lunch, then before drinking it I thought I should put away the leftovers first. In the ensuing chaos, the coffee had fortuitously cooled down. More mopping. Then change my clothes, shower again, rinse out the coffee in the clothes.

No wonder I am behind on everything I need to do. I am too busy trying to save time (cook double in the wok.)

Sometimes I bump or pull my wrist the wrong way (is there a right way?) and it makes me SCREAM. I am trying to figure out how to muffle that so as not to disturb the neighbors.

I must look like a nervous wreck at times, because when I am not taking care of pure chaos, I am trying to wiggle and exercise my fingers and wrist to make it super functional and strong again. It hurts but I just grimace and bear it. I mean GRIN and bear it.

Life is goof.


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  1. Anne to DMM---Mine also. Last night at 11 dark we turn right off an interstate ramp, as instructed by our gps, onto a multi-lane road with limited access and hugh shopping centers left and right and the gps announced triumphantly, "You have arrived at your destination." After cruising the shopping center on the right and not finding any sign for our destination, we re-traced our way to a gas station for info. We were directed to a parking lot to our left and told to drive down the parking lot until we saw big lighted signs on our left. And the guy pointed to about 11 o'clock from where we were parked. We went into the parking lot. It was a dead end. We turned around. After words, I insisted on following the direction of the pointing finger., We went back into the street and, after more words, we drove parallel to the parking strip in front of mostly darkened buildings. When we didn't see any lights as described, the driver gave up and turned right. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a building set back from easy view. Success. (We were trying to pick up our grand-daughter after her day-long double Irish feis and dinner celebration). We are in our eighties!
    Earlier in the day I picked up an empty cow manure bag being used as a flat rain cover waist high over to get rid of a little rain puddle on it, and dumped a healthy stream of black glop and goop on my clean shirt, pants, socks and shoes. My sympathy on the break. It just takes time and hurts like h....


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