Sunday, November 29, 2015

Six Years Fulltiming In A Little Old Motorhome


Another beautiful day in paradise.

Next week I hope to CELEBRATE the 6th anniversary of buying and living fulltime in my little old wheel estate. I owe so many earthly angel many many thanks for their love, help and support over the years. I have no idea why I am so blessed, but I am thankful. THANK YOU!

Mileage when I bought the rig 38,505
Current Odometer reading 63,510
Miles driven 25,005
Average miles per year 4,167

What's so funny is that average mileage of 4,167 per year INCLUDES my personal errands and shopping (no car). Occasionally I rode with friends or had a ride somewhere, once even got a taxi, another time rented a car for day. A few times I've ridden my bicycle for shopping, not much since I am usually camping pretty far from shopping.

Traffic is so horrendous, I've just found ways to enjoy life on foot and paw or bicycle wheel, rather than being out and about in traffic all the time.

Odometer Readings on Annual Anniversary
2009 38,505 (bought rig in December 2009)
2010 45,410
2011 49,090
2012 53,074
2013 57,766
2014 60,030
2015 63,510

Here are the annual mileage figures:
2010 drove 6,905 miles (these were done in the last 6 months of 2010, the first six months were barely 200 miles)
2011 drove 3,680 miles
2012 drove 3,984 miles
2013 drove 4,692 miles
2014 drove 2,264 miles
2015 drove 3,480 miles

Total miles 25,005 (11 miles per day average for 6 years or 347 miles per month average)

A bad picture of the rear end of my motorhome in January 2010 a few weeks after purchase.
I had an old tarp over the RV until I could get the roof repaired, it leaked right after I bought it.
I wondered why the sellers had included a huge tarp with the sale.
It was snowing and this was in South Carolina
I was freezing cold. (That's not my car,)

Ironically, when I bought the motorhome, I wasn't expected to live much longer. I didn't get to go anywhere for months, but I sat in the rig wrapped up in a blanket daydreaming and pretending I was going to go places. Four months later I drove from South Carolina to Georgia, then Florida where I rested up another 2 months, then I briefly went back to work, but due to multiple failings, I just couldn't keep up, so I went on a trip to see old friends and careen around while I could. A friend flew into an airport along my route and traveled around with me for a few weeks. By then I had picked up this crazy little dog who is still wildly insane and traveling with me. His birthday is also in December. He will be 6 years old.

Strange but True...
A few weeks after I bought my motorhome, I put up a website with a lot of pictures and lengthy description of the motorhome, so that the person I had left the rig to, could add their price and phone number to sell it after my demise.

In a very strange twist of fate, that person is no longer living and I am super sad about that. However, I am completing their final wishes for them. More on that later.

I am very grateful I woke up alive today, still in my little old motorhome.

Life is goof.

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  1. keep up wakin up in the mornin. some ones gotta feed the harley.

    sherbet. raz


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