Sunday, November 22, 2015

You Need A Real Dog for RVing

Harley Dog

Harley, dog, tshirt, dog shirt

Harley has lived in a little old motorhome for 6 years and much of it on leash or tether. Yet he is 6.6 pounds of pure terror-mix. It seems the training is never over. I try this, I try that. I read books, I went to training with him, I try being nice, I hand out treats, I try yelling (oops!) and still Harley is very willful.

He might. He might not.

Let's face facts.

Harley has a selective learning disorder. One ear up, one ear down.

That explains it! He only hears half of what I am trying to teach him...

Harley on a Day 6 Bicycle

Harley learns what he wants to know, just blissfully ignoring the useful commands. Silly things like coming when his name is called just goes in one straight up ear and out the other floppy one. Even his ear is indecisive. Awhile back he suddenly started lifting his floppy ear now and then. Mostly he tilts his head back so the flip flop one appears to stand up straight.

Fun Fact:
If I pedal over 8 miles per hour on my bicycle with Harley riding in his basket up front on the handlebars, his other ear stands up too. When I slow down my bicycle, his floppy ear slowly lowers itself.

It's a wonder I haven't fallen off my bicycle laughing!

Harley can play fetch with a ball and he can play frisbee.

I taught him that when "someone" and I'm not naming names... said "What you need is a REAL dog. A real dog like theirs. They had a big doggy that could sit on command (my ball of fluff couldn't even do that at the time...)


Yes, I was a tad insulted and cuddled my baby, um my doggy, telling him he was too a real doggy. Don't listen to that "someone" say he's not a real baby, oops! puppy dog.

So I figured since the little guy thinks he's a monkey clown, and loves to play, I could eventually teach him to play fetch the ball and bring back the frisbee. Once he got the hang of it, turns out he LOVES to show off playing ball and playing frisbee.

harley, dog, tennis ball, rv dog, rving with pets

Oh and somewhere along the way, he finally acquiesced to sitting on command. More or less.

More if their is a treat involved, less if there isn't.

I ran into that "someone" and their big dog again. Maybe a year later. They still had their "real" dog and I had my ratty looking little monkey pooch on a leash.

The "someone" made some crazy remark about my excuse for a dog, reminding me his dog was a "real dog".

So I turned my canine loose while casually throwing a ball for him to fetch. We did that a few times when I switched to the frisbee. Yepper, my little boy plays with the real thing. Kept bringing that big red frisbee back every time. Gave me a big goofy grin, you know tongue hanging out, eyes lit up, feet rigid and ready to bolt,  waiting for me to throw it again.

harley,frisbee, dog,rving dog, real dog, dog training

Well guess what.

That "someone" stood there with their real dog.

Both of them had their mouths wide open. I kid you not!

Their dog can't play fetch or frisbee.

I got out a 2nd ball and handed it to that "someone". "Here, have a ball and let your dog play too!"

"Someone" threw the ball and their dog just sat there. No amount of encouragement could get him to go fetch the ball. After awhile he flopped down to rest, as if staring at my puppy who was frantically running back and forth playing frisbee, was positively wearing him out.

So I says to the "someone"  I says... (all in jest, but still it was FUN!)

"What you need is a a real dog!"

Harley Dog
Thank you!


  1. i was in a dog park with short legged chocolate labby. she was an old, in cincinnati. some idiot comes up to me all concerned and tells me that his dog may come over and correct my dog or some kind of crap. all concerned mind you. his dog was a dogo argentine. it's a mastiff breed. this is a public park.

    i told him that my dog had a friend with him, that i had a gun in my pocket and i would shoot the sonofabitch dead right in front of him. and didn't give a shit. he goes, get his dog and leaves. some of the people in there came over and asked what i said. i told em. apparently he did that to everyone. i go there several times a year and the regs said he has never been back. i always pack.

    ice cream. raz

  2. What do you mean "his dog may come over and correct my dog"?

    Never really seen one dog correct another dog.. did I miss something here?

  3. Good for you and Harley dog!

  4. Sounds like Monkey has you bamboozled! You all have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. i took it to mean that his dog would show my dog who was boss. who was top dog. also to intimidate me.

    not today and tomorrows not lookin good, either. as i think back he might have thought meadow was fighting dog. others had thought that she was a brown rottweiler. i still laugh at that one. google "short legged labrador retriever". she was a chocolate and stout. he had a history of being a bully. so whatever.

    ice cream. raz

  6. I enjoyed your article, thanks! I hope to be on the road one day too... just me and a class B... and my kitty. She's leash trained and loves to travel. Heck, she even has a passport. [She spent her first four years on a yacht before I adopted her.]

    Eventually, I will need to provide her with the life she's accustomed to. LOL.

    Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

    Cat & Luna


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