Monday, June 06, 2016

Another Tropical Storm Colin Coming My Way

First the workampers stopped by with tropical storm info, then the ranger stopped by with tropical storm Colin information. That was super service!

We survived Bonnie now we are bracing for Colin.

Sadly all my outdoor chairs, table, umbrella, crockpot, hot plate, music, dog toys, and miscellany stuff had to be picked up and packed away.

It's been drizzling rain all day. This morning we rode with a friend to the post office and bought stamps while they were mailing things off. It was a small town post office with a chatty postal worker. Harley was thrilled to go for a ride in a car. No air conditioning in the car, so we left at 9am and it was already in the high 80's.

Some folks here are camping in popups, I feel sorry for them being cramped inside with the bad weather. A couple of children were out riding their bicycles in the lighter rains.

My friend and I have been working on an easier way to mount my bicycle out back.

I found some useful gutter type stuff at the dump. Pics coming soon.

In getting ready for the storm, I topped up my water tank plus made and stored purified water for cooking and drinking. My propane tank is nearly full. My gas tank was full minus the last 120 miles I drove, so that leaves about 40 gallons for possible generator use. Well wait, it shuts off at a quarter tank, so that means maybe only 25-30 gallons available for generator. The generator uses between a third and a half gallon per hour.

My bargain sale and sometimes dented  food items are in the pantry. So I am pretty much ready for whatever happens next with this storm.

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  1. Geez,seems like you're a storm magnet this year.Stay safe.


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