Friday, June 10, 2016

Arts and Crafts

Today's trick question:
What do these objects have a common?

A light green foam floating swim noodle
A four legged walking cane 
Two flexible chopping chef mats
Scotch tape
Used Computer paper from the dump
A can of spray paint

What they have in common is... repairing a  22 year old motorhome.

Some of the old plastic frame work on the motorhome is suffering mightily from sunshine. In this case what you are looking at in the first picture is my refrigerator vents (top left) that are made of plastic. Replacing them is pricey but we figured a few coats of spray paint would protect them from the sun for a few more years. The vents were removed and painted then stuck back up. 

But then we noticed the plastic frame around the vents was suffering and of course the old color rather than the new color. 

Its too hot to turn off the fridge which has food in it. It also drains water because it's not a self defrost. Water would wreck the paint on the trim. I bought the swim noodle for another project that actually didn't involve swimming either, but it does work as temporary plumbing since it has a hollow tube inside the noodle. Jam that over the fridge drain, then prop it up on a 4 legged cane then wrap a Nite Ize gear tie around it to hold it in place, then tape around the frame with someone's discard computer paper, cover the fridge innards with the 2 chef's flexible chopping mats and now we're ready to spray paint the trim after sanding it. 

The chopping chef mats aren't used for chopping food even though that is what they are made for. I paid $1 for a package of 2. When I drive through the Blue Beacon truck wash for my semi-annual bath, I stick the chopping mat behind the fridge vents so their water spray doesn't wreck the fridge workings. After baby gets her bath, I remove them again, so the fridge can vent properly. 

So in this case, we just used the mats for overspray and to protect the fridge workings from errant paint. 

Everything does double and triple duty around here. Matter of fact beneath the fridge vent is the 2 outdoor electric sockets. We spray painted the covers too (a week or so ago) because we discovered if the plastic covers fail then the entire electrical outlets with new covers have to be replaced. So we are hoping that a few coats of paint, will add some longevity to them and protect them for a few more years against the sunshine. 

Matter of fact, that brown rug was a "found" item. We were camping on a lot in a state park and someone had flung this in the jungle. We retrieved it, washed it and well now we have a free rug. 

That 4 legged cane is about the 5th one I have owned. Good grief. I get to walking fine without it and someone needs to "borrow" it and that's the last I see of it. Then I need it again and end up having to buy another one. I went through 3 walkers that way too. But I graduated from walkers to canes and then from canes to two legs. 

Last year I had to buy another cane to use but now I am back to two legs again and no cane. But I am trying not to loan it out. I've discovered it is plenty useful around the motorhome. In this case, I used it to divert the water from the refrigerator while it was being painted. 

Actually my dear beloved angel of a friend did most of this project. We are always cobbling up something somehow to get the end result we want. 

Thank you for stopping by. 
We woke up alive and life is goof!

Harley dog recommends it. 

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  1. Looking good !! Hope you can visit again during your travels. Finally got sugar levels down and see new ortho guy Monday. Hopefully I can get the much needed shots. If not will be hard to walk in mountains...Fingers crossed.

    Lynn in GA


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