Saturday, June 04, 2016

Horseshoe Crabs

I am no longer at the beach, but it was sheer heaven and haven of healing. I felt at home in spite of being exhausted so much battling my body to hang on. No matter what, I managed to get to the beach every day on foot or bicycle. Once there, it felt terrific as if my pain and aches just went away. Amazing.

During the new moon, I stumbled across horseshoe crabs mating and spawning all over a remote end of the beach. The female is in front, the male in back. Sometimes there is an orgy where several males join in on the action. Meanwhile the female lays about 10,000 eggs in the sand. Horseshoe crabs also like to reproduce during the full moon.

They can actually survive out of water for quite a while if their gills are kept moist. Many bury themselves halfway into the sand to help stay moist. Horseshoe crabs have been around forever it seems, and long before horses and horse shoes. Technically they are not even part of the crab family.

They are an amazing creature. Sometimes they shed their shell and grow a new one. They love tidal pools so Hunting Island in South Carolina is an ideal spot for them to mate. The juveniles spend much of their life in the shallow waters before they are old enough to reproduce.

Sometimes they leave long swooping swirly tracks where they were chasing around mating and dancing as the tides receded.

Their tail can look ominous, especially when they are swishing around, but they are harmless. Horseshoe crabs are used in the medical industry in a complicated way. Maybe I will tackle that subject another day.

I have some fascinating videos to upload about the horseshoe crabs, but sadly that will have to wait until I have better wifi. If that day ever comes... but it might!

And of course, I've included a picture of Harley dog who simply loves the beach. Matter of fact he went into 2 days of serious depression after we left.

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We woke up alive and life is goof!

Harley dog recommends it. 

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