Saturday, June 25, 2016

On the road again in search of a different camp ground to park a spell.

Harley says:
"I want a camp with trees, and a big yard and a beach and a fenced dog run and an ocean and a river and please no alligators and a bigger motorhome and more treats, especially cheese, cheese, cheese, oh and a meat ball, maybe some sausage and some of those organic doggy cookies and a few toys, not many just a teddy bear, a beach ball, a rubber ball, a pacifier, a squeaky toy, a bo-bo, and a frisbee and a golf ball, not many toys, just a few to mess about oh and a crab to play with and an audience, I love to perform cause I am a clown who belongs in the circus and and and..."


  1. I know it is inland, but have you ever tried Old Federal Campground at Lake Lanier in Georgia? It is a COE campground so cost is only $15. Still hot there.

    Also, you seem to be working your way north. What about the Outer Banks? Loved Okracoke Island and the campground there. No hookups or electric, but gorgeous location and lots of cooling breezes. Even might have some crabs for doggy.

  2. Hey Harley, what is a bo-bo? You were born to entertain.

  3. My vote, for what it's worth :) goes to Arrowhead park in Crane Hill Alabama.


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