Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice and Full Moon


For the first time since June 20, 1948, the summer solstice and Strawberry Moon will occur on the same day. The next time to be a part of such a special occasion will be on June 21, 2062.

Mega Moon –
Tonight’s full moon will follow a low trajectory across the sky. According to the folks at NASA, low hanging moons are commonly affected by the “moon illusion,” a special phenomenon that causes the moon to look as if it’s coming to consume the earth. It’s not a guarantee, but there’s a strong possibility that you could witness one of these Mega Moons tonight.

Traditional folklore tells us that full moons are the best time for crabbing, shrimping, and clamming.

Be kind and dream big.

Recently my friend brought me 4 pounds of jumbo shrimp to steam up with some Old Bay Seasoning and lime juice. See the before and after pics below.

This was a nice diversion from beans (but I love my beans too!) It took us two days to eat that big mess of shrimp. It was melt in your mouth delicious. I made some homemade cocktail sauce to enhance the flavor.

georgetown south carolina shrimp

georgetown south carolina shrimp

I was able to out-peel my friend. When it comes to shrimp I know the secrets for speedy peeling by hand.

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We woke up alive and life is goof!

Harley dog recommends it. 

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  1. Beautiful! It is hard to get good shrimp around here.


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